Unlucky Teen Gets an OTK Spanking from Big Brother!


When Cal and Reiner play cards, they get very competitive, as brothers do. It doesn’t help that little brother Reiner is incredibly lucky at cards and older brother Cal has a hot temper. Predictably, Reiner wins and Cal loses his cool. Instead of walking away like a mature young man, Can grabs his brother and pulls him across his knee for a spanking. He’s intense and the swats are hard, so by the time he pulls down Reiner’s underwear, his smooth bottom is already sore and pink. Cal doesn’t relent. He keeps spanking Reiner over the knee until his little brother is panting. Cal finally relents and Reiner thinks he’s out of the woods, but Cal draws a card from the deck and says Reiner’s going to get that same number of belt lashes as the number on the card! Hope for the deuce Reiner!




gif images by Jock Spank

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