Stunning Max Carter chases Thief, Spanks him with his own Belt


How did I forget about this Spankthis scene? I was going through the archive of Spank This today and I found this clip featuring Max Carter and Brant Myers and I love the action movie sequence they used to set up the scene. Max Carter is minding his own business out on the street when he bumps into an oncoming pedestrian. They both apologize and move along. But Max checks his wallet and it’s gone! Brant the pickpocket snatched Max’s cash like a sneaky pro, but he’s going to have to run if he wants to get away. Max starts chasing after the lithe blond twink — and for real, the people at Helix really put a lot of effort into shooting this scene. Both Brant and Max asr running full speed down the sidewalk and the camera is right alongside them tracking the shot. Even those these twinks sometimes seem frail and sissy, they are running like full-tilt athletes (oh god to be 21 again).


Brant seems like he might get away, but he makes a wrong turn and ends up in a dead end garage. Max catches up and starts getting rough with the emo street kid. He finds the missing wallet and Brant knows he’s caught. He’s fast, but Max looks way stronger and the pissed off alpha wants to punish the thief. Max pulls down Brant’s pants and starts spanking his bottom. Then he pulls off Brant’s belt and starts spanking his ass with that. Brant whines and cries but Max isn’t the merciful type. After Max has thoroughly spanked Brant and embarrassed him, he pushes the quivering twink to his knees and open his fly. He orders Brant to suck his cock for causing so much trouble and Brant meekly takes Max’s thick pole in his mouth and sucks him off. Click here to watch this energetic and cinematic Twink spanking video from Spank This!


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