#SpankThis: Angry Max Carter Retaliates Against Rude Boyfriend

After waiting two hours for his boy toy to show up at the hot new restaurant downtown, Max Carter storms into Taylor Colman’s apartment to find the meaty assed millennial dozing after a night of partying. Master Max wakes the sleeping booty with a swift smack to his ample bum, anxious to give him a piece of his mind, and determined to teach his tasty twink’s tush a lasting lesson. Carter continues the angry assault on the underwear-clad cutie’s behind while Coleman apologizes profusely. Wanting to see his hot handy work, Carter commands his boy to strip down naked; he continues cracking that crazy-hot can of his!

Coleman’s bum cheeks are already hot and glowing cherry pink but, Carter isn’t stopping there! He spreads the young twink’s sweet ass and pummels his pretty pink pucker with an open palm, causing Coleman to twitch and beg like a bad bitch for more. His beautiful body elicits the sweet satisfaction of pleasurable pain, with his handsome face buried in the pillow he’s clenching. His bangin’ bubble butt arched in excited anticipation for the next hard swat to come smacking down on his delicious derrière. Max kneads the Coleman’s ass flesh like dough, grabbing fistfuls of Taylor’s tight, plump posterior. He asks his pretty plaything how many more spanks he thinks he deserves.

By now, the twink’s tush is super tender; so, he says four. Carter knows his boy is resilient and decides six is more appropriate. He makes Coleman count ‘em down! Ass-master Max REALLY makes these last licks count, hitting the hottie’s bare ass hard, and even using both hands when necessary. Carter reminds his boy toy of his transgressions, then makes the gorgeous guy stand and show off his flushed apple bottom. Sweetening the sting, Carter plants a kiss on Taylor’s lips and orders him to get dressed. Click here to watch this dominant boyfriend discipline his fresh and flippant twink boyfriend at SpankThis.com.

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