Smoking Lad Painfully Punished by Cool Dad


Marc has picked up a dirty habit while he has been away at college; he’s started smoking and he’s cavalier about lighting up in his Dad’s apartment while he’s home for holiday break. Daddy Claudio is a health fanatic and he prides himself on being such a fit man in his 40s. He’s actually quite vain, and frankly Marc is a little embarrassed of him because he never dresses in an age-appropriate manner. In fact, he looks straight out of the 90s. So Marco has a lot to rebelling against. So when Daddy Claudio smells the tobacco he yanks Marco by the ear and drags him to the sofa and muscles him over his strong knee for a bare hand spanking like when Marco was a little boy. Down come Marco’s jeans and underwear and Claudio swats his boy’s juicy butt, and Marco’s buttocks bounce with every spank.


Marco is making faces and protesting, but trying not to give his Dad the satisfaction of him crying out in pain of apologizing. Daddy Claudio spanks him harder, wanting to get Marco to break, and Marco’s bubble butt turns a gorgeous shade of pink and throbs with pain. I can’t adequately describe how gorgeous Marco’s butt looks when it’s getting spanked, and I’d love to see him get a flogger or a cane on the back of his meaty thighs as well. Also, in Bad-Lads form, this scene is gorgeously lit and the colour is rich and gorgeous. I love the spanking and the intensity that Claudio brings to the video, but I can’t help marveling at the aesthetics. Just beautiful.

See Marco’s Beautiful Butt getting Spanked Hard by his Angry Dad at


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