Sexy Callum Punished by Dad for Sexting!


Cute lad Callum is a real hit with the girls at school, and he’s so full of himself, he thinks it would be a superb idea to give the ladies a taste of what’s inside his trousers. Lying in bed, he takes a few pictures of his thick erection and happily sends it off to a few girls he fancies. But he also sends the pic of his throbbing cock to his father! Seconds after pressing send, Callum’s Dad burst through the door demanding an explanation. Callum stammers, but he knows he’s in for a licking. straightladsspanking-CallumSexting

Callum’s Dad lays it on hard and fast. He swats Callum’s juicy buttocks with his bare hand in an unrelenting series of over-the-knee spanks, all the while lecturing Callum about getting a reputation as a pervert and even getting brought up on criminal charges. “How do you think you’d fare in prison?” booms his Dad, and Callum meekly responds through gritted teeth, “Not well Dad.” This is really authentic discipline showcased by Straight Lads Spanked. No on is doing British spanking videos any better than them right now. This trailer is a little taste of the long and painful punishment endured by Callum; if you enjoy seeing really fit young men subjected to painful punishment with a good dose of humiliation by imposing older authority figures, indulge yourself at Straight Lads Spanked.



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