Punishing the raging skinhead


The perverted thugs from Straight Hell are rarely interested in playing the heroes. In their neighbourhood, however, they have been dealing with the recent arrival of a white supremacist gang who have been demonstrating against minorities and gays. Not used to having their own primacy challenged on their home turf, Straight Hell Tops Dave and Adrian reluctantly don the mantle of hero and vow to kick these racist assholes to the curb. Posing as a documentary film crew, they charm the gang leader Lee into inviting them into the gang’s headquarters, and they listen politely as he spews his hateful garbage for the camera. When Lee is warmed up and has dropped his guard, that’s when Dave and Adrian spring the trap. They tie up the stocky, muscular young punk, and strip him naked. Like a junkyard dog, Lee lunges and tries to bite through his gag, shocking Adrian a little but ultimately earning scorn and painful punishment. While Adrian licks Lee’s face and kisses him through the duct tape gag, Dave unleashes fury on Lee with his leather flogger. The flogger lashes Lee’s body…his ass, back and abs. Dave is relentless, lashing him with anger and vengeance. Lee fights every lash and never quits trying to free himself…if he ever did, it would be a hell of a melee. Click here to see more hot punishment from this set!

sexy thug roped and savagely whipped

Enter here to see the full video detailing Lee’s punishment and humiliation in excruciating detail


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