Muscle Lad Gets a Sharp, Painful Rebuke For Lying to Dad


Straight Lads Spanked’s latest release features the return of Jay, a familiar lad who can’t keep from fouling up. The action in this episode is a slow build. Jay returns home from work, clearly stressed and worn out. After flopping on the bed and restlessly turning for a few minutes, he makes up his mind to have a bath, let the warm water soothe his sore muscles so he can relax. And what luck! There’s a warm bubble bath waiting already drawn in the tub. So Jay gets naked and steals someone’s spot in the tub. What a douche. So after a soak and a scrub, Jay returns to his bedroom and finds his father waiting for him. Life is irritating enough for Jay’s father, and the last thing he needs is a lying toerag of a son complicating his life. Jay’s mother’s car has been scratched. After 5 minutes of detective work, his father finds Jay’s car parked around the block with matching scratches and paint transfer. Dad forces Jay to admit his guilt and dresses his son down for lying. Jay tries to beg his way out of a spanking, but his Dad is too old school to let his lying son off the hook. Over the knee goes the naked, musclebound young man, and his still soft, slightly damp skin is very tender and vulnerable to the sting of his dad’s open hand spanks. Dad really lays into Jay hard, spanking his muscular, hairy bum until it’s glowing pink, and then twisting his ear and continuing his parental tirade. After a long spanking that leaves Jay panting and near tears, Dad finally relents and orders his adult son to stay in his room without any supper! What a hardass! Click here to watch the always entertaining and brilliant male spanking videos at Straight Lads Spanked!


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