Lying Thief gets Spanked with a Belt!


Carlo has really stepped over the line — it seems the handsome young man thought he could use his charm and persuasion to make some quick cash in the ugliest way possible: he posed as a charity worker and went door to door telling sob stories about sick children in the hospital for donations, and then he went home and spent it on take out food and booze for him and his girlfriend. The neighbourhood is in an uproar and they’re calling for his head, and he was sent to Mr. X, the community disciplinarian, for punishment and justice.


Mr. X hates this kind of lying and fraud, and he hates young men who think all they need is a wink and smile to get through life. He’s going to teach Carlo that honesty and perseverance are far more useful pursuits than corner-cutting and trickery. He gets Carlo over his knee, and after giving him a thorough spanking with his bare hand, he tells Carlo to hand over his leather belt. One doesn’t steal from the community and walk away without special punishment. Carlo is in disbelief, but he doesn’t want to be handed over to the cops. Mr. X lashes him over and over with the belt, making Carlo count off the hits. When he’s finally done, Carlo’s bottom is burning with pain, and the message seems to have gotten through. Click here to watch more authentic British Male/Male Spanking and Discipline videos at Straight Lads Spanked.



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