Lazy Weed Smoker Earns tough Discipline from Mr. X!


Another fine British Spanking video from Straight Lads Spanked! Featuring Darren, who is 20, unemployed and a chronic marijuana abuser. He’s let his mum finance his weed and she’s finally sick of it and desperate for him to make something of his life. Darren’s made up his mind to join the military, but he keeps slipping back into old habits. If he can’t pass his medical in a month, he’ll be rejected by the service and he’ll be back to square one, on his mum’s sofa with no job. She’s not going to let that happen, so she’s employed professional disciplinarian Mr. X to straighten her boy out.


Darren arrives at Mr. X’s office and he’s nervous and ashamed. Mr. X scolds him and makes him feel like a lowly reprobate for being such a burden on his mother. After a good deal of shaming and embarrassment, Darren is ordered to get over the knee and the spanking commences. Darren is wincing while the spanks are over his jeans, just wait until he gets to the coup de grace – the bare bum spanking. Mr. X continues to lecture while he spanks, and he orders Darren to start stripping. Darren is going to break down while Mr. X is spanking him over underwear, but Mr. X orders him to keep it together and remove his tight underpants. We get a great look at Darren’s low-hanging cock and balls while he’s bent over the knee of the punisher. He’s writhing and wriggling and it certainly looks like the message is getting through to him! Click here to watch Darren getting lectured and painfully spanked like a naughty brat at Straight Lads Spanked!


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