Jay and Chris part 2: Straight Boys Spanked by the Boss!


This trailer picks up the punishment of Jay and Chris at Straight Lads Spanked. Jay is the contractor and Chris is the day labour, they’ve got an important job to finish, but Chris is being slow and lazy and slacking off so he can smoke reefer. After Chris is punished by Jay for his bad behaviour, the client barges in and demands to know why they’re late and why he smells weed in the air. He flat out tells Chris he’s calling the police, but Jay jumps in to save his friend and says the weed is his. The client is very disappointed since he and Jay have a long history, but like a true slimebag client, he tries to use it as an opportunity to get out of paying. Jay realizes the only way to keep Chris out of jail and also get paid is to sacrifice himself and take a spanking from the horrible old man. The ugly geezer lectures Jay while he spanks the suffering young man — let’s face it, there might not be a better looking model than Jay when he’s in his underwear and over the knee. Jay takes his licks, and Chris is spanked as well. They’re both threatened and lectured by the awful old man, but when the ordeal is over, the friends vow to finish the work and get the hell out. They’ve bonded for life over this painful punishment. Click here to watch these fine young men get sternly spanked OTK at Straight Lads Spanked.


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