Hung Lad Cums during Spanking from Daddy!


Conrad is an endless source of frustration for his Father. He’s 19, out of school and unemployed and he slouches around the house all day doing God knows what. Judging by the endless collection of wadded up tissues in the trash, Conrad spends a lot of his day masturbating, and Dad finally hits his breaking point when he walks in on Conrad walking around without any pants or underwear on; just a t-shirt and his monster teen cock flopping around between his legs. Dad yells at him to put on some goddamn pants, but Conrad still flaunts more than the rules, pulling on a pair of trackies without underwear, and his swelling cock creates a tent that is both impressive and very discomfiting. Who wants to show off their erection to their Dad? Conrad’s Dad pulls the disturbed lad over his knee and starts to give him a spanking, and Conrad really doesn’t hide that he’s enjoying it, especially since his tree-trunk cock is slapping against his father’s thigh every time the bare hand spanks his ass! Dad realizes what’s happening and puts Conrad on the sofa and spanks him with a table-tennis paddle. Conrad’s cock swings free and starts leaking thick white semen all over his mother’s furniture! Conrad’s Dad is horrified and defeated by his monstrously horny offspring, who has thoroughly enjoyed his time with Dad and is mentally filing his experience in the spank bank!



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