Handsome Indian Footballer Spanked on his Bare Bottom


Dishy Indian footballer Taylor is a rising star in his local league. His thick thighs allow him to run effortlessly for hours and few of his oponents can match his explosiveness as he drives towards to goal. His success seems almost assured. A contract with a professional team is almost guaranteed. As such, Taylor’s ego is getting bigger and bigger as well. He’s loving life, getting into trouble with three or four different girls a week, and he’s starting drinking quite a bit. His partying lifestyle is starting to catch up with him. He’s gotten drunk, woke up hungover and stayed in bed instead of going to practice. His dad has seen this over and over again in their small town: talented boys with a chance to make the big time, only to succumb to the party lifestyle and flame out too quickly.


There’s only one solution for Taylor’s increasingly bad habits…quick intervention in the form of painful (and memorable) physical discipline. Dad lectures Taylor about squandering his potential and at first he protests and eye-rolls. But when he gets pulled over his father’s knee and gets his ear pulled, he’s acutely aware of the gravity of the situation. Dad doesn’t waste time. His heavy hand swats Taylor’s bare bottom over his underwear, and that’s painful enough for him. His big brown eyes are pleading for mercy, but his Dad is determined to make sure this is a lesson that sticks.


Taylor is feeling a painful burning and a deep humiliation, but his Dad isn’t finished. He yanks down Taylor’s briefs and continues to spank his naked bottom, and Taylor’s balls swing back and forth with every bare bum spank. Dad finally ends the punishment after the footballer’s bum is glowing pink and his eyes are brimming with tears. He’s been spanked and shamed, but he’s got even more punishment coming to keep him on the straight and narrow. Click here to watch the full father-son OTK spanking and humiliation video at Straight Lads Spanked.


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