Grown Boy Pulled Over Dad’s Knee For Slipper Spanking


Sebastian is a real cad…he has a cushy sales job and he oozes sleazy charm to make his quota; he cuts corners and he screws his co-workers. After hours, he’s equally slimy — hitting the clubs and groping women and taunting lesser men. All of this is about to catch up with him however. Unsurprisingly, a shitheel like this lives at home with his parents. Not content to screw over those he works with, he has been running up his father’s credit card for months and now the bill has come due and his Dad is on the warpath! Sebastian is getting ready for a Saturday night on the town by relaxing in a warm bubble bath. His dad bursts in a starts reading him the riot act. Champagne service! Escorts! Cash Advances! It’s all there and Sebastian is begging his dad not to call the authorities. Dad wants his pound of flesh and marches his grown son into his bedroom. Dad uses his bare hand to spank Sebastian on his naked bottom, and Sebastian grunts and whinges as he struggles to get off his father’s lap, but his dad keeps him in place by twisting his ear. Dad even uses his slipper to spank to Sebastian’s big muscular but until he’s whimpering and pathetic. Click here to watch Dad read man-child Sebastian the riot act and spank his big muscular bum until it’s red and throbbing and the big man is reduced to pathetic sobs at Straight Lads Spanked.


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