Feuding Footballers get a Humbling Double Spanking


Fraser and Kevin are the two darlings of Straight Lads Spanking at the moment, and they are certainly getting a workout while their popularity is so high! In the SLS universe, the pair play feuding football teammates whose petty squabbles have amplified into shouts, cursing and fisticuffs on the practice field and in the lockerroom. Their teammates are sick of it, the coach is sick of it and their parents are sick of it. They send the pair of miscreants to the town’s unofficial disciplinarian Mr. X to mediate and punish and restore peace to their community. Even though Fraser and Kevin have been at each other’s throats for weeks, they know enough of their teammates who have been sent to Mr. X for punishment before, so they vow to play it cool and avoid the worst of the masked man’s wrath. But Mr. X is not having any of it. He knows the games boys play, and he reads the delinquent players the riot act before taking them each over his knee. Fraser gets a wicked bare hand spanking, and his uniform shorts offer little protection. But what makes it worse is knowing his rival is just across the room smirking at his pain and humiliation. But Kevin’s silent triumph doesn’t last. He’s soon over Mr. X’s knee getting the same bum-searing punishment while Fraser snickers at his pain. It goes back and forth until they are both stripped naked and cupping their throbbing bums, panting and teary eyed. Their feud seems very distant now, after Mr. X’s hard OTK spanking. Click here to watch the full video of these fit young men getting humbled by a domineering older man at StraightLadsSpanked.com.




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