Extremely Vicious Flogging and Caning


Here’s an update for the dungeon corporal punishment lovers. It gets very extreme and very nasty in this video, just a heads up to those seeking lighter fare. This video features bondage slave Aiden getting punished by Master Dave of Breeder Fuckers. Dave wants his hetero slave boy to give him a tender, loving blowjob and Aiden refuses. The last thing he wants is a cock in his mouth, so Dave sets out to change his attitude. Maybe an extended punishment with the flogger will change his mind. Aiden hates getting spanked, but he’s strapped onto a bench and he’s completely vulnerable with his ass hanging out in the air. He howls as Dave lashes him with the leather flogger, but he still refuses to suck his master’s cock. Dave see’s no recourse but to increase the intensity of the punishment and switch to the cane. He leaves alarming red stripes across Aiden’s ass with the thin cane and Aiden is twisting and shouting with pain every time Dave rakes the cane across his thighs or bum. Finally Aiden breaks and begs to suck Dave’s cock, just to make the painful punishment stop. But by this time, Dave is less interested in getting his cock sucked and more interested in completely humiliating Aiden and turning him into a ground-up cum rag. Click here to watch this vicious corporal punishment video at BreederFuckers.com


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