Dad spanks Josh, the Philandering Cad


The youth of today are an endless source of troubles, heartbreak and disappointment for their parents. Josh, for example, is about to unload a bombshell on his father. He’s 19 and engaged to a lovely young girl (Samantha), but he’s gone and got another girl pregnant after a one night stand. His Dad is furious that he has such a immoral cad living under his roof, and after a terse and very belittling lecture, he hauls the athletic young man over his knee for an intense and furious bare hand spanking. Josh stays composed and tries to calm his Dad down, but the father says the spanking is his therapy and beating his good-for-nothing son’s ass will clear his mind and help him think of their next move.


Dad takes out his frustrations on Josh’s muscular bottom and he continues to get to the bottom of the story. Josh lied to the girl he got pregnant, never telling her he was engaged. She’s his victim too. Dad says that child is his responsibility no matter what. Josh’s bottom turns scarlet the longer and more angrily his Dad spanks him. Hopefully we’re going to see more of Josh’s punishment in weeks to come…maybe his fiance’s father will have a go at him, or the one-night-stand’s dad…How much will this cad be punished? Click here to watch this thick-thighed lout take his father’s punishment at Straight Lads Spanked!


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