Cool Daddy Claudio Spanks another Misbehaving Brat


Your Mom’s Boyfriend Claudio is on another rampage. He’s come home from the gym (or somewhere else where it’s totally normal to not wear a shirt) only to find young Billy lounging around playing video games. Claudio hates video games because they’re not as good as pushups. He barks at Will in Hungarian, but the language is universal between thousands of generations of disappointed male authority figures and their rebellious young charges:

You are weak and disappointing.
How will you survive in this world on your own?
I’m tired of coddling you.
You need to learn a lesson.

Like a caveman, Claudio hauls Will out to the living room by his ear and throws the boy across his lap. More angry Hungarian admonishments: I’m going to teach you some discipline! Let’s see how this feels on your weak, spoiled backside! And the spanking begins. Claudio has a heavy hand to start, and Will clearly feels the painful swats. Once Claudio pulls down Will’s shorts, his animal instinct takes over and he spanks hard and fast, turning Will’s juicy buttocks into an angry shade of pink. Claudio is relentless, wrenching on Billy’s ear and grunting a string of threats and curses at him. Finally, we walks away in disgust at the weak lad his girlfriend is raising. Will the lesson stick? Or is Claudio’s caveman style of punishment and discipline doomed to fail? Click here to watch Claudio and Billy’s male spanking and painful punishment video on


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