Buff Brit Lad gets 3 Dozen Lashes!

From Fraser – Leather Strap – 36 Lashes


Straight Lads Spanked had a very special visit from Fraser last week — the handsome young college student was broke and desperate to pay the rent, so he got in touch with the dastardly Mr. X so he could literally sell his ass. After reviewing his pictures, Mr. X said if Fraser could withstand the leather lash, he would get £10 per stroke with a caveat: once he started he couldn’t back out after a couple and run off with the money. Mr. X wanted a minimum 36 lashes to make it interesting for all of his fans out there, but promised to be sporting. Fraser could get paid if he took 12 lashes over his jeans, 12 over his underwear, and only 12 painful strokes across his bare skin. Not relishing the possibility of homelessness, Fraser agreed and resolved to grit his teeth through the ordeal. [click here for video]


Ever the gentleman, Mr. X even starts off slowly with Fraser, giving a few medium strength lashes with the wide leather flogger to get the boy comfortable. Then the pace quickens and the force intensifies. Fraser starts gasping every time the leather hits denim and his buttocks start to heat up. In no time the first dozen fly by. Now ordered to strip to his underwear, Fraser looks worried and the friendliness that was in Mr. X’s eyes has disappeared. He resumes the lashing and Fraser winces and yelps with each stroke, and Mr. X is really putting his muscle behind each swing of the leather strap. [click here for video]


Finally, Fraser steels himself for the final twelve strokes to earn his money. His round, muscular buttocks are pink, stinging and very tense in anticipation of Mr. X’s worst. And so it begins. Fraser counts off the lashes to try and distract himself…every time the lash whips him across the bare flesh he cries and his knees buckle. But he forces himself to keep going. Mr. X is admonishing him while wreaking havoc on the jock’s bum. Finally his finishes the ordeal and Fraser looks like he might cry with joy. The deal is over, the day is saved. But as always with reckless young men like Fraser, how long will it last, and how soon will he be back, submitting himself for another harsh, painful spanking punishment? Click here to watch the full video of Fraser’s painful male-male spanking punishment!


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