Bare-assed rentboy gets a hot spanking and paddling


It’s always a treat getting to see the fresh young talent on display at…lately they have been coming up with some pretty elaborate plot scenarios and shooting locations to bolster the young talent, although in this one I think we benefit from a little imagination. According to the official story, Wade does a bad job of cleaning Jeff’s room and gets spanked for it. Ho-hum. But, if you take a look at their lolcation, they appear to be in a highrise apartment in New York or L.A. When I first watched the trailer, I thought Jeff was the pimp smacking his rentboy around for not bringing in enough money. Now that gets my interest, and when Jeff is chiding Wade for ripping him off and taking his money, it’s much more arousing to imagine that as pimp talk rather than Wade stealing change from Jeff’s sofa cushions. So, I say, let’s see more of Jeff’s pimp hand! Let’s take up a collection to buy him a pimp hat to wear to future shoots. I think this could be a real gamechanger! Click here to finish watching this exciting twink spanking video!

bare-assed rentboy gets a hot spanking and paddling

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