#BadLads: Pig Boy Ruben Enjoys Spanking Cheating Muscle Lad

Pig Boy Ruben is on the job for the community. His next client is a woman whose boyfriend has been caught cheating. She’s not sure about dumping him (Alex) just yet, but she is sure she wants him physically punished for his wrongdoing. One call to Ruben and the wheels are in motion. Pig Boy calls up Alex and explains the situation: if he wants to salvage his relationship, he must submit to a spanking. Alex is eager to get out of the doghouse and accepts.

Pig Boy Ruben is more intimidating than Alex was expecting. They joke like men on the sofa, but you can see that even a big tough guy like Alex is nervous about the tattooed thug sitting next to him. Ruben explains that Alex must be punished, and that his girlfriend wants it to be brutal, and so Alex reluctantly strips naked and bends across Ruben’s knee.

Ruben is enjoying this assignment. Alex has a meaty ass, and it’s a treat to watch his muscles tense and ripple each time his bare hands smacks his ample bum flesh. Alex must record his reactions to the spanking, and at first it seems like something of a joke to him. He can manages the bare hand spanking, and even the first taste of the paddle only induces a wince. But once Ruben gets warmed up, the pain is written across Alex’s face. The muscle man is fighting back tears as Ruben lashes him with the thick leather paddle, and Ruben laughs and sneers while he gives Alex’s bum a seemingly endless series of painful jolts. Click here to watch kinky sadist Pig Boy Ruben deliver a hard spanking to a cheating boyfriend who deserves it at Bad Lads.

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