Bad Renter Earns OTK Wooden Spoon Spanking


Carlos is a fan favourite over at Straight Lads Spanked and it’s easy to see why everyone loves watching the tall Italian get spanked. He’s very handsome yes, and he’s got a stunning body, no doubt, but he also has a smirking, haughty attitude that makes it so damn satisfying to see him spanked in the most humiliating way possible. This scene is prefaced by Carlo getting home to his apartment and stripping nude before slipping into a warm, sudsy bubble bath. While he lathers and tugs his junk, something else is brewing in his troubled house. Carlo does not have much time for repose after getting out of the bath. While he lays in his underwear, his landlord storms in demanding Carlo’s late rent. Carlo is 3 weeks past due with the cheque and his landlord is like a boiling pot, sputtering threats and going on about punishment. Carlo smirks and laughs; his landlord couldn’t possibly be serious about trying to spank him, could he? Carlo finds out in an instant, because the owner pulls the Italian over his knee and starts smacking his tight, muscular buttocks with his heavy right hand. Carlo stops laughing right away — the pain is intense and the embarrassment is like a creeping burn up the back of his neck. He gets it on his bare bottom from his landlord’s meaty hand and from an old fashioned wooden spoon. Carlo’s buttocks are red and burning by the time the spanking’s over. Now he’s got less than 24 hours to collect himself and get the rent money, or else he’s be one sorry homeless motherfucker! Click here to watch handsome Carlo getting his perfect bum spanked with a wooden spoon at Straight Lads Spanked!


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