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Danny and Ricky have a very contentious relationship as flatmates. It seems that their preferred method of dealing with disputes is for the angry party to flip the other on the floor and give them a hard bare-bum spanking followed by a serious hate fuck in the ass. After being on the receiving end of a punishment the week before, Danny is enraged at Ricky’s inconsiderate behaviour. Danny is working the night shift, and he has to sleep during the day. Ricky can’t grasp this and he feels free to play his soulless electro music throughout the apartment. He wakes Danny, and the altercation escalates. Ricky tells him he’s over-reacting and Danny shows him what over-reacting really looks like. He muscles Ricky to the floor and starts spanking his ass with a firm hand. The jeans get yanked down and Danny is pounding Ricky’s bum with his bare hand, turning it red and puffy, throbbing with heat. Danny is relentless, and Ricky’s butt jiggles and vibrates every time it gets smacked. Finally, Ricky can’t take anymore, but Danny is feeling such a rush from the domination and the lewd aggression, the pulls his own pants down and jams his raging erection into Ricky’s tight little teen asshole. Danny pounds Ricky from behind and keeps slapping his ass before finishing with a hot load all over his disrespectful teen flatmate. Click here to watch these perverted and aggressive teens spank each other hard and fuck each other harder at Bad-Lads.com.


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