Thick Lad gets aroused during Spanking from Big Brother!


Mik is taking a chance, looking at internet porn in the family living room, but he hasn’t wanked in days and his balls are tight and aching. He opens his Dad’s laptop and cruises to his favourite site, his pants come down, his cock springs to life and then…he’s busted! His older brother catches him with his pants around his ankles and is horrified that Mik’s bare, sweaty ass is touching the family sofa.


Mik hears the lecture that porn is forbidden in the house and is ordered to get up on his hands and knees on the coffee table for punishment. Big brother gets a wooden hairbrush and starts stinging Mik’s thick backside with a series of quick blows. Mik’s erection is bobbing up and down and during the spanking, when his brother is at his most intense, Mik can’t help himself and he starts ejaculating all over the table. Horrified to see what his little brother is doing, the older brother keeps spanking him, not realizing that the spanking is driving Mik’s arousal. Finally, the older brother leaves with disgust, but not before ordering his kinky younger brother to clean up the mess and never do it again! Click here to watch this brother/brother spanking video in the British Boy’s Fetish Club member’s area ($24.99/month)











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