Terrific Dungeon Flogging

I love seeing a dungeon sub in a heavy corporal punishment video get tense in anticipation of the next lash of the whip. A sub like Jason Miller has a great, lean body, and you can see his amazing muscularity in detail in this video. He is paired with Ricky Sinz, a tall brooding dom covered with tattoos, radiating menace and an irresistible charm. Ricky has Jason roped in a standing spread eagle position, his muscles already pulled tight and flexing. Sinz then starts working on Jason with his leather flogger, battering him across the abdomen, shoulders and buttocks with unbridled fury. The whip is an utter blur, and Jason twists in pain with every blow. You will be fascinated by Jason’s abdominal muscles and pectorals during his ordeal…they contract as if they are getting electrocuted. It’s fascinating that Jason at the same time can look so strong and utterly helpless. Click here to watch the full heavy corporal punishment and bondage video.

terrific dungeon flogging

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