Taut and sexy Ross Drake Flogged Across his Chest!

When we last saw Ross Drake at BreederFuckers, he was nose down in a dirty mattress and his bum was being used as a gameboard for Xs and Os, but Masters Dave and Adrian used a cane to make their marks. Now, Ross is exhausted and wracked with pain and he’s stood up and roped in a standing spread-eagle position. He’s still got a lot of fight left in him and he’s trying his best to squirm away from Adrian. Dave threatens to get rough with Ross if he doesn’t calm down, and young Ross gets gagged and his nipples pegged to warning to shut up and take it. Ross doesn’t relent though, and in a last ditch effort to subdue him, Dave gives him a hard lashing across his chest, ripping the clothespins off of Ross’s nipples and making him howl in pain! Click here to see delicious young Ross Drake getting even more corporal punishment in the BreederFuckers Dungeon!


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