Tattooed Stud Twists and Cries during Hairbrush Spanking


Mac is tough, muscular and pugnacious, so it didn’t sit right with him that he had to give up control over his body for a faggy spanking video. He heard the deal: get naked with Master Rich, endure the spanking and get your cash. He thought it sounded so easy, but the more dismissive these straight guys are, the more determined Rich is to make them really earn their money. Mac squirms during the first part of the spanking — Rich’s big bare hand. He kicks but he’s trying to be a tough guy. Next Rich switches to a metal bar and Mac really starts getting agitated. Rich physically overpowers him and holds him down and Mac is utterly frustrated. Then out comes the bath brush and the stinging, burning pain really sets in. Mac is fuming, he’s trying to fight back the tears and Rich is chuckling like a demon. Mac’s punishment is so humiliating and so painful, you should really check out to see it for yourself.




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