Tattooed Guido Punished with a hard spanking

Let’s take a little break from the twink parade and take a trip down the Jersey Shore to hook up with Gino, another beefy amateur looking to score some easy cash by appearing in a spanking video. Gino is pure guido trash, covered in god-awful flash art tattoos straight from the lowest rent Atlantic City ink parlour, and he claims to be an indy wrestler. I will allow that a big part of his day involves getting hit in the head, but jumping off your dad’s garage into a pile of cardboard boxes doesn’t qualify you. Anyway, whatever he does for a living — shockingly — does not pay him enough to live on, and he’s answered an ad looking for tough guys willing to get spanked for cash. He figures it’s easy money (as they all do) and shows up like he owns the place. Scott is determined to humble this dummy, and he bends Gino over his knee for some heavy handed bare hand spanking. The smirk on Gino’s face quickly disappears and soon replaced with a grimace, moans and grunts of pain. Scott really works over his naked ass and Gino is feeling real pain, unlike the burning of the clap or getting smacked with a folding chair. The ordeal has begun for goombah meathead Gino…click here to watch the full first episode of his male/male corporal punishment.

Tattooed guido gets spanked on his bare ass

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