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Brutal corporal punishment for Benjamin

Enjoy this brutal corporal punishment video, courtesy of Straight Hell — Sexy Black boxer Benjamin has been trapped in his gymnasium and stripped naked and is now getting an unbelievable punishment from Straight Hell tops Dave and Reuben. They whip and flog his back mercilessly, and then cane the soles of his bare feet — Frankly the punishment is beyond epic, its biblical! These utmost of sadists torture poor Benjamin’s cock and testicles, and then force him to humiliate himself by drinking their urine. Even that’s not enough anguish for their tastes, and they whip him even more to finish the trailer. Enter here to see the amazing whipping and caning punishment video in HD.

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Sadist Brenn Wyson works the whip

Brenn Wyson is pretty much a human highlight reel for BoundGods. I am completely convinced his deranged, sadistic and perverted on camera persona is not an act. The guy seriously rattles my cage. In this clip, he’s got Adam Russo and Blake Daniels locked up in the dungeon and he’s using the leather flogger to get them ready for more exotic punishment. Not to say that the flogging is a tickle-fest. Brenn really gives these lads a workout, swinging his muscular arms and ripping at the red raw flesh with the leather flogger. Both Adam and Blake jump and strain to escape, but Brenn completely dominates in this heavy corporal punishment video. Enter here to see Brenn Dominate these two sissy fags with his whip and cock at BoundGods.com

sadistic brenn wyson whipping his terrified slaves

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Outdoor gay corporal punishment

I found a new update from Boy Fetish Central featuring their twink star Ton leading his friend into the woods for some punishment fun. Ton has been playing the role of punishment master to his inexperienced twink boyfriends, and he leads his BF through the forest and chains him to a giant, gnarled tree and forces him to his knees. Ton picks up a leather flogger and starts teasing his boyfriend, lashing him lightly at first, and then whipping with more intensity as his confidence grows. Ton delivers an very entertaining and exhilarating punishment to his agonized naked friend…click here to see the entire outdoor gay corporal punishment video at BoyFetishCentral.

outdoor twink whipping and corporal punishment

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High Tension British Corporal Punishment

Here’s an awesome, raw compilation of savage spanking videos featuring yummy smooth British lads getting their bubble butts punished to the extreme by their sadistic daddies. There are great scenes featuring hairbrush spanking and hot, harsh caning discipline. Nude young dudes awash in shame being fondled, caressed and brutally spanked by their (much) older admirers. It’s British discipline at its finest. Enter here to see the full videos from British Boys Fetish Club and browse the fetish DVD collection!

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Handsome young man tied down and flogged

If I haven’t already posted a clip from this video, I apologize profusely. I was combing through my archive of material from BoyFetishCentral.com and I found this set of photos and a trailer that I don’t believe I have posted on the blog before today. And for that, i want to say I am sorry. Maybe you have already seen this video, in which a beautiful young man is tied face down on the bed, his skin pinched with clothespins, and then his flesh is lashed with a leather flogger. All of the clothespins are whipped off of hi by the flogger and the corporal punishment continues with the young man’s ass bearing the brunt of the punishment. The twink is long and lanky and he has a really fleshy round bubble butt that I would love to lay my hands on. Sadly, I’ll have to keep rewatching the video until that day comes. Click here to watch the full length twink corporal punishment video.

handsome young man tied down and flogged

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