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Twink on twink spanking punishment

Here’s a quick and dirty trailer showing some twinks with a real taste for pain! These lads aren’t afraid to put a little muscle behind their punishment, and the twink on the bottom is grunting and moaning with real discomfort and pain! They get warmed up with a classic wooden spoon smacking the bottom’s cherry red bum, and then work themselves up to a nasty multi-tail whip. This video pleasantly surprised me because usually twinks are quite timid wielding the tools of punishment, but this pair had no compunction about experimenting with pain! Enter here to watch the full video complete with bare hand spanking ad a hard lash with a thick leather belt!

Twink sweetheart grimaces every time he's spanked with the wooden spoon

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Bound twink gets his ass whipped with a belt

I have found another video of sexy Czech twink Ton in which he gets sexy with his playmate and lo and behold, it appears that Ton actually spanks another human being with a measure of confidence and competence! I have complained on this blog before that when the task of spanking is left up to Ton, he appears half-hearted and limp wristed, like delivering a spanking to a young twink’s ass was a soul-crushing task. But he appears to have finally discovered joy in the task and in this video is whipping his twink boyfriend with gusto and aplomb! Using a leather belt, Ton spanks his rope-bound companion across the buttocks and thighs, turning them into glowing red orbs before our very eyes. Click here to watch the complete video of Ton’s great leap forward in full HD.

rope bound twink gets his ass whipped with a belt

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Russian Lad gets a brutal spanking

This Russian rent boy is in for a huge fucking dose of punishment and discipline. Taken in from the cold streets, he thinks he’s got a place to get warm and make a few dollars with his young, muscular ass, but his daddy’s got a heart colder than a Moscow winter. Ordered to strip, the young rent boy leans over the arm of the sofa and receives the first of many punishments. Daddy lashes him with a belt over and over, until his ass cheeks are red and throbbing and there’s a catch in his voice as he struggles to hold back tears. Next, its OTK for the lad, where his daddy brutalizes him with a hairbrush, and he fights to get away. It’s no use, Daddy is too crafty, having spanked so many lads over the years, no one can escape him. He enjoys smacking away at this beautiful cherry red boy ass, making it glow and blister with his unrelenting precision strikes. Watch many more painful punishment videos at British Boys Fetish Club.

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18 yo jock gets a blistering punishment in the dungeon

Watching a young bondage virgin getting his cherry broken isn’t something that happens everyday — it’s like a little gift we get when a new punishment pig pops into the world. Cody Allen is an 18 year old, right off the farm and he is dying to worship and feel the punishment of Master Avery at the Bound Gods Dungeon. After getting a look at his massive dick and firm ass, the powers that be decreed him fit for punishment and invited him to feel the wrath of the resident Leather Daddy. Avery sized up the raw youngster and his long, proud dick and surmised that old school flogging punishment would test to see if the fresh meat was truly worthy of his effort. Posing the lad on his knees and suspending weight after weight on his balls (until it literally looked like grapes of wrath) Avery lashed Cody across his ass, thighs and stomach until he’s red and starting to show welts. Click here to see this full length video of this punishment master at work whipping the shine off this slave boy.

18 yo jock gets a blistering punishment in the dungeon

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Hardcore gay spanking compilation

Hey spanking fans, I know I haven’t been very diligent about updating in the past few weeks, but here is a great hardcore gay spanking compilation trailer. There’s caning, birching, belting and paddling…incredibly raw asses, swollen and painful, and it’s full strength, no holding back punishment. The disciplinarians reach back and give each stroke everything they’ve got. Click here to see more incredibly painful, hard-as-possible gay spanking videos.

hot gay spanking compilation video

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