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20 year old Birt: anal virgin and slut for spanking

Birt is a 20 year old Slovakian with a sexy problem: he loves getting fucked, but his boyfriend is too much of a bottom to really give him the penetration that he needs. He hooks up with the mystery man from Spanking-Boys.com and pleads for pain, discipline and his thick, raw cock, and the Stranger is happy to oblige. He spanks the hell out of Birt with his bare hand until his cute buttocks are bruised, swollen and a burning shade of red. After the punishment, Birt bends over and his spanking daddy rams his throbbing cock into Birt’s tight virgin hole. Click here to see Birt’s amazing spanking submission video and bonus cherry busting fuck scene!



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Daniel West: Corporal Punishment victim

Here for your enjoyment is delicious twink Daniel Wood spanked until his poor bum turns bright cherry red. his punishment comes at the strong right hand of big bully, Principal Woods. Woods picks on Daniel for misbehaving in class, and proceeds to use the flimsy charge as a pretext to strip Daniel naked in front of his classmates and give his firm round bum a hot open handed spanking. Daniel bravely tries to withstand the pain, but the bully is too strong and Daniel cries out in pain at each hard smack of his ass. Enter see the entire Twink Corporal punishment video in hi-def!

Daniel West stripped naked and viciously spanked

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Seth Serenity gives his twink boyfriend a hard spanking

Seth Serenity is pissed that his boyfriend Adam Scott went out clubbing without him and came home with a giant hickie on his neck! Seth normally is cool with sharing, but he feels hurt that he was cut out of the fun! Who hasn’t been there? Personally, I think Adam is getting off entirely too easy…if my boyfriend was running around my back at the club and coming home with a hickie, I would probably back over him with my car, rather than spank his bitch ass…however, Seth shows he’s obviously a better man than me, since he does Adam the favour of merely pulling down his pants to reveal that delicious ass and he slaps it hard with a leather paddle. This is just a tiny taste of the punishment for this yummy blond twink morsel. See the entire hardcore twink-on-twink spanking video inside…

Seth gives Adam Scott a hard bare ass spanking

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Old-fashioned English OTK spanking

I know everyone who reads this blog will be very keen to watch this video, featuring schoolyard rude boy Patrick, finally getting hauled into the headmaster’s office on the last day of classes. Before he’s set to graduate and leave the school forever, the headmaster is going to use his last small vestige of power over the young man to give him a herd, bare hand OTK spanking for the years of disturbances and harassment Patrick has caused but no one was able to definitively prove. The corporal punishment makes the tough lad grit his teeth and cry out in pain, but the headmaster is deaf to his pleas for mercy and he spanks Patrick’s naked buttocks until the flesh is a deep crimson and radiating heat. Click here to watch the rest of this outstanding English OTK spanking video

schoolyard bully gets a taste of bare ass corporal punishment

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