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Sweet Twink Ton spanked and probed

Here’s a great clip of Czech twink Ton getting tied and spanked by his Daddy. Ton’s new website features this unbelievably hot twink getting nasty in many different fetish scenes, including spanking. Ton really loves punishment and pain play, and he gets a hard spanking across his perfect ass to stimulate his pain reactions. He moans, but he wants it harder. Ton’s Daddy works his cock throughout the session, wanking him, and probing his hole with his fingers. Ton is sick, and you do not want to miss any of his spanking suffering. Enter here to see Ton’s entire spanking video in full plus his other fetish adventures.

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Sweet Twink Spanking

Here is another sweet spanking post featuring amazing twink Ton from the Czech Republic. How I would dearly love to be lashing this sweet lad’s ass. Amazing gay spanking photos featuring Ton getting spanked with a shoe, Ton tied up with a belt to expose his ass to the punishment, plus some painful ball squeezing for good measure. Click here to see more video of bad Boy Ton getting a stinging spanking!

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Fucking Boys Get Spanked by their Furious Dads!


Gerry and Gary are a couple of closeted young men who have been sneaking around for a few months, surreptitiously sucking and fucking and generally getting sexual any time they are alone. Both live with traditional families, and both have dads that are angry and intolerant. Lately, the lads have been getting bolder and more reckless, and on this bright sunny afternoon, Gerry and Gary were overcome and started fucking right in Gerry’s parents’ parlour! They are so caught up in their lustful rutting they they don’t hear Gerry’s Dad come home. He walks in and he sees his son plugging the arse of another boy from the neighbourhood and he’s apoplectic! He grabs his wooden disciplinary paddle and starts laying into Gerry’s buttocks with fierce angry strokes. Gary scrambles away and manages to dash out the door, but Gerry is getting the punishment of his life; Dad hits him so hard with the paddle that it breaks! No matter, his Dad is still angry enough to beat Gerry’s ass with his bare hand until its swollen and numb. Once Gerry has been completely reduced to a puddle of guilty apologies, his dad gets on the phone with Gary’s dad Tony. Tony is shocked to hear what transpired and hauls Gary out of his bedroom and pulls the lad over his knee for a hard spanking. Gary whines and struggles but he can’t escape his dad and the unrelenting blows across his bouncy bum. These lads will definitely have to come up with better plans if they want to keep fucking each other! Click here to see these furious fathers spanking their freshly outed sons at!


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Hot Twinks OTK spanking

Hot frat brothers Tyler and Devon are feeling frisky on a schoolnight and instead of doing their homework, Tyler decides that Devon needs to lean some of their fraternity traditions including a lot of naked OTK spankings. Devon turns out to be quite the pain slut, and his butt turns red and glistens after Tyler gives him a dozen or so hard spanks. Bonus: these horny college dudes are naked and ready to fuck, and while Tyler screws Devon in the ass, he keeps spanking his cherry-red bum! Click here to see Devon and Tyler’s full length spank and fuck video exclusively at!

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Jockstrap Teen gets a playful spanking

American twink Ian Levine has spent the day being super lazy, even blowing off meeting his first semester fuckbuddy Andy Taylor, much to Andy’s resentment. After waiting around for an hour at their usual meeting spot, Andy drives over to Ian’s looking for some answers, some payback, and some dick-sucking, not necessarily in that order. Ian is still lounging in bed when Andy arrives, and his chill attitude rankles Andy even more. Andy bends Ian over his knee and pulls down his track shorts, revealing the cutest little jock strap ever on the twink lad. Andy starts spanking his boyfriend, but not too roughly, because he can’t stay mad at this fun-size twink. Ian takes the spanking well, asking for more, but he really wants Andy’s big cock inside of him. Not the most severe spanking video ever, but if you’re in the mood for twinks getting sexy with a side of discipline, this scene will hit the spot nicely at Helix Studios.


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