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This post is dedicated to my No.1 commenter, Boser: On this cold and dreary night on the cusp of a long winter, I want to shed a ray of sunshine into your life: here are twinks Dillon and Kyron cavorting and playing around and having a great time exploring their spanking fantasies. Dillon is the blond and he is dominant over Kyros. He pushes Kyros onto the bed and starts playfully whipping his ass with a riding crop. At first its all fun, but even over top of Kyros’ jeans the blows start to sting. Dillon has a big, playful smile on his face, but inside you can see he really gets off on inflicting the pain. Soon the video shifts to a scene featuring both boys naked, and Kyros’s ass is showing signs of welts and bruises — evidence of Dillon’s roughhousing play spanking style. Dillon keeps smacking his boyfriend’s ass and Kyros flexes his asscheeks to absorb the pain. These fresh sunny boys definitely made my day a little warmer and a little brighter. Click here to see more video of these twinks exploring their spanking fetish fantasies.

twink bfs spank each other

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Twinky Chav nervous about his first gay spanking video

Danny is another rentboy from Prague hired by the mystery man behind Lured back to the man’s hotel room and thinking he’d be sucking cock and fucking for cash as usual, Danny is surprised to see his date set up a camera and order him to strip naked. The mystery man gropes Danny, spreads his asscheeks and probes his hole, then orders him to lay down on the bed and receive his punishment. The Mystery man uses his bare hand to spank Danny’s full round bubble butt, and with every contact, Danny winces, and grits his teeth to contain the pain. Danny is spanked on the bed and then ordered up on his knees for more spanking. I particularly like this view, because as Danny’s ass is getting the bare hand spanking, we can see his big full balls swinging and bouncing in the rhythm of the spanking. Enter here to watch the full length twink spanking video exclusively…

twinky chav is nervous about his first spanking video

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Adorable twink lad takes a painful whipping

I hope you enjoyed this post, as I am simply in love with this adorable twink lad Chad Chambers, seen in this clip on the business end of a leather flogger wielded by Ashton Bradley. Ashton has a real appetite for sadism, and he toys mercilessly with Chad who is clearly afraid of the whip. And Ashton isn’t interested in giving sweet Chad a standard spanking across his cute little bum; he wants to whip him across his tight chest and abdomen and flog his back until it’s red, glistening and hot. Chad has a stunning body and an adorable face, I don’t know whether I want to cuddle him or flog him…likely the latter then the former. Click here to watch the complete twink flogging video inside.

adorable twink lad takes a painful whipping

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Delicious Brothers bare ass spanking

Paul Pratt is having brother troubles. His snotty punk brother Leo won’t stay out of his things and now its time for discipline and punishment. Leo must learn his lesson the most painful way possible! Paul yanks down Leo’s jeans, revealing his naughty, fun underpants, and then pulls them to the side and spreads little bro’s cheeks, revealing his angelic asshole. It’s fucking delightful. Paul will not fall under the spell of the cherubic hole, and he proceeds to smack that ass with his open hand and in short order, Leo is yelping with pain and frustration. Paul also manages to have a riding crop with him for hore punishment, applied directly to that beautiful asshole. That really stings Leo and he’s fighting for freedom. God-like Paul is too strong, he wrestles, Leo down and in no time at all, they’re both naked and ard, and Paul lets Leo suck him off while he’s getting spanked to win some mercy. Predictably, it doesn’t happen. Enter here to see more video of this magnificent brother duo sucking, spanking, punishing and fucking at Helix Studios.

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Tender twink ass lashed with a leather strap

A German exchange student has come to stay at Jeff Sterne’s house for a half semester, and although Jeff was really looking forward to bonding with the new lad and providing valuable tutoring and mentoring, sadly the boy, Keine Sorgen, would rather be ogling smut magazines and playing video games than finishing his homework and enriching himself with culture. Finally, after weeks of bad attitude from his guest, Jeff has had enough with the German twink and he decides that painful corporal punishment is the only way to break the bad habits. He strips away Keine’s fancy German jeans, and rips off his flimsy, sexy underwear. His bare ass is smooth, round and supple, and it trembles when Jeff smacks it with his bare hand. Keine tries to pull away, but he’s not strong enough, and Jeff spanks him into submission, until he’s biting his lip to get through the pain. That’s when Jeff unveils the leather strap, and really starts with the old school discipline. Keine cries as Jeff lashes out at his amazing round buttocks. It’s truly fucking painful and sexy punishment. Click here to watch Keine’s entire excruciating male-male spanking discipline video in HD.

tender twink ass lashed with a leather strap

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