Bound twink gets his ass whipped with a belt

I have found another video of sexy Czech twink Ton in which he gets sexy with his playmate and lo and behold, it appears that Ton actually spanks another human being with a measure of confidence and competence! I have complained on this blog before that when the task of spanking is left up to Ton, he appears half-hearted and limp wristed, like delivering a spanking to a young twink’s ass was a soul-crushing task. But he appears to have finally discovered joy in the task and in this video is whipping his twink boyfriend with gusto and aplomb! Using a leather belt, Ton spanks his rope-bound companion across the buttocks and thighs, turning them into glowing red orbs before our very eyes. Click here to watch the complete video of Ton’s great leap forward in full HD.

rope bound twink gets his ass whipped with a belt

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Fine Young Man gets Slippered

So I am going to give you an extra helping of twink spanking punishment for the holiday, just because you deserve it! It’s been a while sine I posted a video clip featuring Bad Boy Ton getting spanked, but here he is on his knees with his round bubble butt in the air getting an old fashioned slippering! Yes Ton is getting spanked with his own sandal and he’s whimpering like a baby. Personally, I think his little kitten mewls of pain get to be a little much, but is definitely heaven to see his gorgeous ass front and center in the middle of the screen getting spanked. You can see his ass growing redder and redder, and he fondles his package during his entire punishment. It’s a great holiday gift from Ton, and I will certainly appreciate it all weekend. Click here to download the full slippering punishment video for yourself.

twink gets his fine ass spanked with shoe

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Favourite twink bare ass spanked and finger fucked

So here’s a fresh look at a classic video from our favourite Czech twink Bad Boy Ton…this is one of the first videos he released on his personal site, and it features him bent over a chair, his perfect ass in the air getting spanked with a plastic paddle (probably one of those big shoehorns, WTF, it works for me). His tutor holds back a little, but Ton still jumps when the paddle smacks his ass, and his cheeks definitely turn rosey and then firey red. Ton’s really just a big tease, but in the last few seconds of the trailer, he flips over on his back, exposing his ass in the air, letting his tutor plunge his fingers deep in his hole and squeeze his scrotum like he’s kneading bread. It’s an amazing trip to the filthy, fetish past. Click here to see all of Ton’s spanking punishment videos here

insanely hot twink gets spanked and finger fucked

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