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Juicy twink gets a severe bare hand spanking

TJ Wood is back on the scene to set the world on fire with his award-worthy acting chops. In this scene he plays “Angry 1950s Dad” as indicated by his Mad-Men style fedora and general dissatisfaction with his layabout son Ace Lockheart. After a lot of his trademark bluster and blathering, TJ flips the flimsy twink lad over his knee and yanks down his pants with one meaty hand and starts spanking those round, firm buttocks. TJ really gives Ace a hard bare hand spanking, and Ace squirms and struggles to free himself, but the skinny twink is no match for the strength of the big bear-like TJ. Click here to see the full length bare-handed twink spanking video.

juicy twink gets a severe bare hand spanking punishment

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