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Jonathan gets a hard ass spanking

I’m a little embarrassed to admit how long it took me to get around to watching the videos from Reluctant Young Men, and I am now deeply regretting every day I lost without this exceptional spanking content in my life. This video is very spicy, featuring straight Jonathan, an aspiring porn producer, who apparently turned in some shitty quality material to his boss. After spending a day trying to salvage the mess, video editor Scott breaks down in frustration and rage and gets revenge on Jonathan for making his life so complicated. Scott bends Jonathan over his knee and starts spanking his bare ass with his open hand, and then moves on to a short paddle that really makes Jonathan scream. In fact, Jonathan is screaming, crying, begging and wailing throughout the entire video! Certainly refreshing to see some emotion! Scott even whips Jonathan’s ass with a thin riding crop, and the wailing bitch nearly jumps out of his skin. By the end, Jonathan’s ass is red, bruised and covered in very angry looking welts. But one can’t assume this painful experience will keep him from fucking up in the future. Click here to see the complete video of Jonathan’s agonizing corporal punishment ordeal.

Jonathan gets a hard ass spanking after he fucks up at work

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Straight Boy receives Paddle Punishment

Randy was super nervous about making his first appearance in a gay spanking video, since he professed his heterosexuality when asked and claimed to be loyal to his girlfriend. Making the video was strictly for cash, but tough-guy Scottie thinks there’s definitely some tension and confusion underneath the scruffy, tattooed exterior. Randy is 22 years old and lives in Philadelphia. He has a lot of cheap looking tattoos on his arms and back, plus the name of his girlfriend inked on his chest (“Mary”? Really? We are supposed to believe you are not really into guys?) Scott warms him up with a couple of leather paddles, and even though Randy winces and squeaks a little, he maintains his composure. It’s not until Scott starts spanking him with his small metal paddle that Randy starts jumping around and squealing in pain. There’s so much more to see of awkward Randy’s gay spanking video debut inside.

Straight Boy Receives Paddle Punishment

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