Amazing twink gets his ass paddled hard

Christian Collins is another new twink discovered by disciplinarian extraordinaire Jeff Stern and Christian Collins is about to get spanked like the proverbial red headed stepchild courtesy of Mr. Stern…he starts Christian off with some playful bare hand spanking over top of his blue jeans, and then spanks the red headed twink over his sexy underwear. Christian struggles and tries to squirm away, but Jeff is having none of it. He starts smacking Christian very hard with a wooden paddle, pulling down his underwear at the same time to expose his warm, pink cheeks. After administering a thorough paddling across Christian’s bare ass, Jeff stands him up, wipes away a tear and reassures him he can still be a good boy. Click here to watch the full twink OTK paddling video.

amazing twink gets his ass paddled hard

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Sweet Peach Spanked and Sodomized

Kurt Summers is a sweet young lad living a laid back life in Southern California and is happy to pick up a modeling gig here and there with Helix Studios for extra cash. His bubble butt makes him very popular and highly in demand and that sparks jealousy with some of the other lads. Evan Parker is one of those guys who is envious of Kurt and his come and go attitude, and he asks to partner up with Kurt for a scene. Kurt thinks he’s going to get his cock sucked and his ass fucked, but first Evan has a special treat in store for him: several hard lashes with a flogger and then more blows from a leather paddle. Kurt doesn’t know whats happening and his cries of pain are tinged with fear. Evan finally relents with the corporal punishment, only to handcuff Kurt and throw him over a table and ram his plushy ass from behind. It’s so great to see these twinks showing their fierce side! Click here to watch the full gay twink spanking and fuck scene at!


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Sexy twink in painful corporal punishment

Jeff Sterne my be a bit of a creep, but he’s got such good taste in choosing play mates. Meet Felix, a delicious Latino with a dark sexy handsome face and beautiful eyes. He’s never been punished, and Jeff jumps on this and gets him twisted and trapped for his virgin spanking. Sterne treats him to vicious bare hand spanking, plus hot pain action with a wooden paddle. Make sure you click here to get your login to see the full video!

Spanish twink Felix gets a burning hot spanking punishment

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Jockstrap Teen gets a playful spanking

American twink Ian Levine has spent the day being super lazy, even blowing off meeting his first semester fuckbuddy Andy Taylor, much to Andy’s resentment. After waiting around for an hour at their usual meeting spot, Andy drives over to Ian’s looking for some answers, some payback, and some dick-sucking, not necessarily in that order. Ian is still lounging in bed when Andy arrives, and his chill attitude rankles Andy even more. Andy bends Ian over his knee and pulls down his track shorts, revealing the cutest little jock strap ever on the twink lad. Andy starts spanking his boyfriend, but not too roughly, because he can’t stay mad at this fun-size twink. Ian takes the spanking well, asking for more, but he really wants Andy’s big cock inside of him. Not the most severe spanking video ever, but if you’re in the mood for twinks getting sexy with a side of discipline, this scene will hit the spot nicely at Helix Studios.


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Tattooed young punk gets a hard lashing with a leather belt

Ageless (or should that be deathless?) Jeff Stern has scheduled another corporal training session with eager slave boy Nicholas Leoni. He’s a scruffy young American lad, with cheap looking tattoos up and down his arms, the kind you get in the back of a gas station at 3am when you’re drunk and there’s a better than 50/50 chance you’re walking away with a spelling mistake or hepatitis. He’s also got a septum piercing, but overall his look is reminiscent of a homeless man’s James Roday…but I digress. Jeff is eager to continue Nicholas’s training, warming him up with a bare hand before lashing his tender buttocks with a leather belt. Nicholas gnashes his teeth and cries in protest, but he’s obedient and submissive and he wants to please Jeff Stern and earn his reward. Jeff obsesses over Nicholas’s pink asshole, groping his ass cheeks and spanking the pucker sharply with his index and middle fingers. Click here to get deep inside this strange slave/master spanking relationship and watch the full length twink spanking videos.

Tattooed young punk gets a hard lashing with a leather belt

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