Straight Man Victor feel Bath Brush CP!

Daddy Rich from is hilarious in this clip. He’s chastising 23 year old Victor for showing up incredibly late to their video shoot and wasting his time. Victor makes all kinds of weak excuses for his tardiness, like he was getting a haircut and he was caught in traffic, but it eventually slips that he was just sleeping until 3:30 in the afternoon. Rich pulls Victor over his knee and pinches his ear so he can’t wiggle free. First over his pants, then his underwear, then Rich is spanking Victor’s bare ass with his big palm, asking out loud how there can be such a generation of dumb young people when everyone has a smart phone? Rich sounds like a hilarious, cantankerous old coot, smacking Victor’s bare ass with a bath brush while complaining about kids today and their fancy phones. I’m pretty sure he gets in a few references to baggy pants and the hippity-hop music. Totally amusing subplot highlights the as-usual great punishment from Reluctant Young Men. Click here to see Victor’s full, excruciating OTK bath brush corporal punishment.


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Straight boy Axel gets spanked OTK with a hairbrush

Reluctant Young Men makes another amazing discovery with Axel, a 28 year old straight dude — broke and desperate for money. He says he likes spanking during sex, but he’s never has been spanked by a man, much less spanked OTK. Richard is going to test his limits and he plans to use his slim wooden paddle and bath brush in addition to his bare hand to make Axel squirm and struggle in shame and pain. Axel starts in his underwear, and he handles the bare hand spanking reasonably well, breathing hard and sweating a little, but the paddle leaves him twisting and yelling, but Richard is relentless. Check out Axel’s ass flexing tight while the paddle turns his ass bright red and bruised. When Richard bends Axel back over his knee and uses the bath brush, Axel comes apart. He struggles, kicks, trembles and yelps as the pain and shame is written all over his face. Another great video for those who love classic gay spanking scenes — no messing around, real men in real pain!


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Bashful Broke Lad gets Hairbrush Spanking

Romeo is another new face at — 27 years old, broke and nervous about getting spanked for the first time. Head disciplinarian Richard sizes him up, asks him if he’s scared and Romeo lies and says he’s not — he just wants to make some easy money. Rich orders him to take off his pants and underwear and then takes Romeo over his knee for a light bare hand spanking. At first Romeo is true to his word, taking the light spanking very stoically, but Richard starts increasing the force of his spanks and Romeo starts wincing and whimpering. Soon Romeo is twisting and crying, and Richard pulls out a wooden hairbrush and starts slapping Romeo’s glowing buttcheeks and the broke boy hops, yelps and cries through the pain. Although it seems like Richard is barely tapping Romeo’s ass with the hairbrush, he’s jumping like he’s being electrified. Another straight boy broken by Richard at Click here to watch the whole hairbrush spanking video.


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Punk Pussy has no tolerance for Pain

Turn down the volume on your computer speakers for this one…it features Eco, a sorry excuse for a slave boy getting a hard OTK spanking from heavy-handed Scott. Scott is known for delivering painful punishments, but Eco’s histrionics are over-the-top. He screams like a sniveling bitch for the duration of his spanking, prompting the question, if you were spanking Eco over your knee, would you cut him loose to just shut him up, or would you spank him harder to punish him for his embarrassing lack of self control? Scott opts for the latter, spanking him with a bare hand and then an impression paddle. Eco is an utter wreck by the end of his punishment, and still, you to seem him keep suffering. Click here to watch Eco’s utter shaming and hard corporal punishment video.

extreme pain spanking twink

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