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Paul Pratt (literally) strikes again! Bare hand twink spanking!

Nathan fails his math test, so Paul is enlisted to teach him a thing or two about numbers, counting each hard slap to the ass until Nathan’s boy butt is almost blue. Trouble is with each spank, Nathan becomes more and more turned on and looses count. Dominant muscle stud Paul then forces Nathan to suck his cock just the way he likes it. Nathan takes more abuse to his burning boy cheeks in the form of swats with a belt on his already raw flesh. The burn must be excruciating, but the horny twink is a trooper. Paul is especially merciless with this particular little bubble butt. Paul breaks from the ass abuse momentarily to tongue the poor boy’s hole, preparing it for an incredibly hard fuck, the kind only naughty boys deserve. In true SpankThis fashion, Nathan gets his red and burning butt slammed by the brut disciplinarian and is left with his butt burning red, and a face full of cum. Enter here to see more video of meek twink Nathan getting his ass painfully spanked and roughly fucked by aggressive top Paul Pratt!

Dominant Paul Pratt loves dishing out punishment on submissive twinks

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Nothing but painful belt punishment!

Here’s a great compilation vid of nothing but hot young British lads getting their asses beaten and spanked with thick, scary leather belts. Watch them flinch, wince and cry as the leather belt smack into their soft flesh and raise welts and create bruises. Their cold masters don’t ease up a bit as their cries get more pitiful and plaintive; the lashings only intensify with every protest. It’s a little taste, ther are more belt lashing videos available exclusively at BritishBoysFetishClub.com! Enter here to see the full videos from British Boys Fetish Club and browse the fetish DVD collection!

closeups of painful belted boy bottoms

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Bound Chav thug gets a humiliating spanking

Lee’s punishment is pretty much the definition of hardcore. He’s a local hooligan and scumbag who harasses gay couples in his neighborhood and generally is reviled by all as a bigot asshole. And that’s when anti-heroes decided to be real heroes and chose to save their town by doing what they do best: fucking someone up really good. Dave and Adrian cozied up to Lee, and quickly turned the tables on the bully, turning him into a blubbering mess. Now they’ve got him roped, gagged and naked; he’s utterly enraged at his captors and his own helplessness, it looks like he might chew through the ball gag. Dave and Adrian don’t care…they want him to suffer and feel about one inch tall. So they spank him like a little boy. Lee’s buttocks turn red and begin to swell; welts start to form, and then shit gets real. The heroes set up a spanking machine to keep punishing the now neutered bully, while Adrian teasingly jacks off his cock, forcing the virulent homophobe into getting an erection, and then jacking him all the way to the edge and then stopping short of letting him ejaculate. Lee is crying out of pain and frustration, who wouldn’t be? Enter here to see this bastard get his comeuppance in this hilariously sexy gay spanking video.

muscle stud gagged and gets hellacious spanking

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Euro Twink gets a painful paddling

Sweet Czech twink fetish model Bad Boy Ton has been acting very poorly lately, so much so that his Daddy has ordered him to lie on the bed, remove his underwear and receive ten lashings. Reluctantly, Ton obeys, and the lashing begins! Ton’s ass his gorgeous, and his cheeks are soon turning red and purple with every strike of the paddle. You can see bruises and welts forming, and Ton tries to thrash around and free himself from the intense spanking pain. Click here to see Euro Twink Ton in more Spanking and Discipline videos at TonOnline.com!

Twink Ton gets his ass spanked hard!

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Berlin Boys Dungeon Spanking, pt. 2

Here’s more video featuring sexy German troublemakers Kai and Ruben. The twosome have take the train to Berlin to get nasty in a flat they rented with an included BDSM dungeon. Kai suspends Ruben’s arms above his head, and then whips him with a flogger and brutally paddles his ass with a heavy leather strap. Ruben, who looks a bit like a young, goofy Peyton Manning, moans and grunts each time his fleshy ripe buttocks receive a lash from Kai. Kai, meanwhile, is so turned on by his new role as spanking top, has got his hard dick pulled out of his jeans, and he strokes his erection while using his other hand to wield the whip. These cute Berlin boys make an excellent spanking punishment video that is sure to get you hard. Click here to see their full corporal punishment experiment video.

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Berlin gay boys learn corporal punishment techniques

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