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Foot Spanking Action

I thought my readers would enjoy a little twist — how about some foot spanking? This scene features a sexy Euro twink lad gagged, and laid out on his bed, feet tied to a chair with his soft, clean beautiful soles exposed. his Daddy alternates between disciplining with hard smacks from a plastic hairbrush, and maddening tickle torture using the bristles of the brush on the throbbing soles of his feet. The twink is in severe discomfort in this short spanking discipline video, be sure to check out the full video!

Helpless twink gets his beautiful feet painfully punished

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Military Punishment

Peacekeeping emissary to Tchukistan, Carl, has been keeping secrets from the Guerrilla fighters in the region. It seems that Carl has been corrupted by the rebels and taking bribes and kickbacks and splitting the profits with the rebels, but got greedy and started holding out on his partners. Predictably, the guerrillas became unhinged at the idea of getting ripped off, and they are seeking brutal revenge and punishment for their onetime conspirator. The video starts with the soldiers stripping Carl naked and beating his ass and then whipping him harder with a thick leather belt. The blows rain down and he begs for mercy, but mocking his weakness, the soldiers piss all over their captive and hurl abuse and humiliation on him. There is much more punishment in store for Carl…stay tuned for more updates in this episode as it is leaked, or enter here to see the full video at GayWarGames.com

Homo commandos exact revenge on a traitor

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Naked muscle pup gets a painful OTK spanking

This clip features another sweet newcomer, Billy, an English lag who has been building his physique and showing off impressive musculature. He is however, submissive to the core, and once he’s ordered to strip naked and lie on the bed, he meekly complies and the fun begins. He’s spanked with a bare hand, his round buttocks trembling and tensing up with every strike of hand on flesh. His ass cheeks turn a fun shade of red, and he tries to bury his head in the sheets to hide from the pain and the humiliation of being on camera. He thinks he’s getting a break when the punishment subsides, but it’s just his punisher whipping out his cock and jerking off a big, messy load all over Billy’s ass. Enter here to see Billy’s full length gay spanking punishment video debut.

naked muscle pup gets a painful OTK spanking

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Twinky Chav nervous about his first gay spanking video

Danny is another rentboy from Prague hired by the mystery man behind Spanking-Boys.com. Lured back to the man’s hotel room and thinking he’d be sucking cock and fucking for cash as usual, Danny is surprised to see his date set up a camera and order him to strip naked. The mystery man gropes Danny, spreads his asscheeks and probes his hole, then orders him to lay down on the bed and receive his punishment. The Mystery man uses his bare hand to spank Danny’s full round bubble butt, and with every contact, Danny winces, and grits his teeth to contain the pain. Danny is spanked on the bed and then ordered up on his knees for more spanking. I particularly like this view, because as Danny’s ass is getting the bare hand spanking, we can see his big full balls swinging and bouncing in the rhythm of the spanking. Enter here to watch the full length twink spanking video exclusively…

twinky chav is nervous about his first spanking video

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Strapping Footballer Humiliated by Dad


Fraser has been having the worst day. Having been called out by his Football coach for lack of dedication and discipline, he received a humiliating spanking to put him back in check. His ass is still smarting from the painful smacking he got from Mr. X when he slinks home to his Dad. And of course his father has already heard the news and is mortified that his unruly son needed to be disciplined by another authority figure. Dad is a football fanatic, and he thought he was being meticulous in overseeing his son’s training. Now he feels as if he’s been played for a fool. Still in his dirty practice uniform, Fraser is ordered upstairs to bathe. Punishment will commence immediately after. Fraser is still dressed in his towel when his father fetches him and pulls the tall lad over his knee. His ass is still throbbing from Mr. X’s punishment, and Fraser’s dad is relentless with his bare hand, almost as if seeing the mark of another man’s hand on his son’s bottom drives him to spank harder to make the marks go away! He’s so keen on making sure his son never embarrasses him like this again, he even uses his leather paddle to leave Fraser’s buttocks scorched! Click here to see the hard corporal punishment and mindgames going on during Fraser’s Bubble Bath Blues at Straight Lads Spanked!


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