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Hardcore Hairbrush Spanking clip

Posted in bare hand spanking, corporal punishment, extreme on December 12th, 2014 by admin

There’s not a lot to say about this clip…a very hot Eastern European lad is getting the hairbrush spanking of his life. He’s bent OTK and his Daddy is just brutally pounding his ass with an old-fashioned wooden hairbrush. The closeup view is excellent…there is no hesitation, no pretending. This is the real stuff, actual painful corporal punishment that is very hard to find these days. I love these videos from Eastern Europe, they are so fucking raw and brutal…these young guys just get whipped and punished until they hit their utter breaking point. Plus, there is a bonus clip of the same lad bent over the arm of a sofa taking brutal belt lashes across his bubble butt; again, its all full strength, no hesitation, just maximum punishment. Check out the site and see more clips for sale here.

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unbelievably savage hairbrush spanking

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Deutsche Stud spanks lucky sub

Posted in bare hand spanking, corporal punishment on December 11th, 2014 by admin

Kai and Ruben have a thrilling weekend planned. They hopped a train to Berlin but instead of hitting the bars and the tourist haunts, they rented a flat with a fully equipped dungeon. While Ruben takes a shower after the long journey, Kai explores, and brings back a latex facemask for his boyfriend. The pair continue exploring the dungeon and their fantasies together. Hung from the wrists by the ceiling, Ruben is helpless and Kai spanks his ass, getting his bubble butt red and warmed up for more painful implements. Ruben moans loudly every time Kai lashes his ass with the leather strop and both of their dicks grow harder. Kai only stops to kiss Ruben, but the confidence and desire to inflict pain draws him away and back to work swinging the whip against his lover’s tender flesh. Click here to see the entire gay spanking video featuring these horny German kinksters.

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Hot German studs make a spanking video

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18yo Discipline Case needs a Hard Spanking

Posted in bare hand spanking, corporal punishment, twinks, Uncategorized on December 5th, 2014 by admin


Will was found in Budapest, and he freely admits he’s a miscreant with attitude problems and a lack of discipline. The straight lad was referred for training and punishment by his school, and Mr. “A” from was happy to accept the challenge. Cocky and arrogant, Will provides resistance at every turn, but he’s soon broken down and turning pliant and obedient. His administrator lies him on his stomach and exposes his smooth teenage buttocks and spanks them with his bare hand until they are red and throbbing. Tears are welling up in his eyes, but Will keeps trying to endure. The mystery man is relentless with the bare handed punishment, and finally Will is teary eyed, cowed and docile after his punishment. Truly thrilling to watch this teen lad receive such a harsh spanking!


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Flabergasting Bath Brush Spanking video

Posted in bare hand spanking, corporal punishment, extreme on December 3rd, 2014 by admin

Oliver is one of those guys whose life is a constant fuckup, and every decision he makes seems to be the wrong one and his life just keeps getting worse. Drinking and gambling are a problem, and he’s deeply in debt. How bad is it getting? Bad enough that he stole his own mother’s engagement ring and pawned it for a few quid. His dad is both heartbroken and livid. How could this be the same boy he raised?!? Oliver finally breaks down and confesses to his father and his father does what he should have done a long time ago — administer a punishment that would not ever be forgotten. Full of shame, 24 years old and naked over his father’s knee, Oliver cries out every time the bare hand sharply spanks his ass. But this is no quick punishment. This is going to be drawn out and excruciating. Oliver fetches the wooden bath brush for his father, the feared instrument of punishment from his childhood. His father spanks him over and over, bruising his ass and turning the cheeks blood red. Oliver kicks, whines and cries, but his dad is relentless. The full video is a whopping 50 minutes long, recording every spank and grimace of Oliver’s terrific corporal punishment.


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Weaklings hang from chains to receive their whipping

Posted in corporal punishment, extreme, whipping on November 26th, 2014 by admin

Nothing like a dungeon whipping to start the weekend off on the right foot. I love Van Darkholme…he’s just the kind of coldly cruel calculator that really turns my crank. In this video, he’s got a pair of skinny weaklings that look like they have already been through the wringer, and they are manacled to bondage swings on their knees…a stress position if Dick Cheney ever saw one. So with these helpless queers hanging like raw meat, Van Darkholme is free to lash their bare skin with his single tail whip and his favourite leather flogger, cutting their flesh to ribbons, raising welts and eliciting cries of pain and anguish. Click here to watch the full heavy corporal show at

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helpless weaklings hang from chains to receive their whipping

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Straight Lads Spanked: Dean Punished for Vandalism

Posted in bare hand spanking, corporal punishment on November 19th, 2014 by admin

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I know most of you must be thinking where have the StraightLadsSpanked updates been these last many many months? This blog has been on the extreme back burner for me for the past 2.5 years, and I’m putting my attention back on it to resurrect it and fill it with great new spanking video clips. StraightLadsSpanked is an incredibly well done site — their camera work is very intuitive and it gives you a really great view into the inner mind of the punished party. This is real punishment here, not fake moaning and crying. I couldn’t be happier to be sharing these amazing new spanking videos with you.

Dean is one of the local miscreants at the estates, known for swilling beer, calling at all the girls and vandalizing property. The locals have finally had enough of him and his ilk and have decided to take a stand. After getting caught red-handed spraying graffiti on one of the buildings, the residents confront him and let him choose: the cops or face Mr. X for corporal punishment. Dean thinks he’s a grown man and can’t be intimidated by some Scot in a mask, but is he ever wrong! After arriving at Mr. X’s punishment centre, Dean’s pants are stripped off and he gets a terrific spanking across his bare ass. Mr. X turn’s Dean’s cheeks an alarming shade of crimson while verbally haranging him about respect for the community. Dean can’t pull himself away because Mr. X keeps twisting is ear…he certainly is the master!


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