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Ridiculously hot twink ass spanking

Who here prefers their spanking videos on the naughty, sexy side, or on the shame and punishment side. 99% of the time I fall for the latter, but there are some dudes that irresistibly draw me to the former. I featured Kyler Moss about two weeks ago in a self spanking video that really took me by surprise. This kind of pretty boy is never who you see in spanking videos. Yet there he was, swinging that whip and paddle against his own bare flesh without hesitation and genuinely getting off on it. It was incredibly sexy and hot, and not at all what I usually go for. So I dug some more and found more clips of bright twink star Kyler getting his gorgeous bottom spanked with a leather paddle. It seems his BF can’t resist that perfectly round bubble butt, and really cracks that leather hard against his flesh. No discipline, no shame, just two twinks getting off on playing out their gay spanking fantasy in the bedroom. Click here to see longer videos of Kyler Moss shackled and restrained and loving his corporal punishment.

ridiculously hot twink ass spanking

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British Schoolboy Sternly Spanked with Ruler

Alexander Knight is a really bad seed at his private school and always causing headaches for his teachers and administrators. After being caught off campus during school hours, he’s sent to Dr. Barton’s office for punishment. Barton, the dean rarely sees individual students except in the case of bad discipline problems. After getting Alexander’s side of the story, Dr. Barton castigates him and orders him to bend over a chair for punishment with his trusty yardstick. Alexander smarts at the pain, but it’s over the pants and he manages to survive. But the delinquent can’t keep his mouth shut and he begins complaining about the spanking. Dr. Barton’s response is to order him to drop his trousers and underwear and get a taste of real schoolboy discipline. Barton uses the ruler to spank Alexander’s hairy buttocks until they are turning purple and Alexander is gasping every time the wooden ruler strikes his flesh. Lesson learned, for now. Watch the full schoolboy punishent video at Dreams of Spanking now!


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Spencer Reed demonstrates heavy corporal

Here’s a wicked punishment video from Bound Gods, featuring extremely god-like Spencer Reed with his arrogant swagger and stiff cock ready to teach scruffy sub Zack Alexander a tough lesson in bondage discipline. There are two kinds of bondage, Spencer brags: bondage with corporal punishment and bondage without. Spencer famously prefers the former. He gives Zach hellacious whip lashes across his ass and back, and stings his backside with a bamboo cane while he stuffs his asshole with cruel objects. Spencer takes the cane to the soles of Zach’s feet, making him do a painful dance, as he strokes his fat cock and gets ready to shove his fat cock in Zach’s mouth. Spencer Reed proves his status as top dog at BoundGods with another fantastic corporal punishment video. See the full video of Spencer punishing and fucking Zach in super-real hi-def.

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British Lad Caned Front and Back

Boynapped has a delicious corporal punishment scene featuring Brit twink Olly Taylor this week. After disappointing his Daddy, he’s chained tot he cellar wall and taught a lesson with the cane. He wails like a baby at the lightest flick of the cane, so god knows how loud its going to get when Sebastian Kane gets up to full strength. After warning Olly with some over the clothing cane strikes, Sebastian simply cuts off the lad’s clothes to expose his naked flesh and proceeds to give him the full punishment, caning him front and back, leaving him striped across the back, chest, abdomen, groin and buttocks. Painful, grueling and nightmarish, Olly slumps against the wall when Sebastian finally relents. Click here to watch the complete corporal punishment video at!


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Bad attitude chav twink gets bare hand spanking

I am really pleased to share another new clip from with you, featuring yet another cutie pie twink first timer, Joel. Joel is brimming with bad attitude and “angst” and it’s incumbent on his new Big Brother to instill some discipline and humility. Joel agrees to participate because he’s horny and he’s craving hard dick, and as soon as he’s naked, he’s tossed on the bed and the spanking begins. There’s no hesitation to these strikes…Joel has earned the punishment, and every bare handed slap shows a deeper shade of red and darker welts forming on his cherry twink ass. He takes his punishment bravely, even biting down on the blanket to get through the pain, and when its over, and he’s rewarded with his Big Brother’s hard cock, there’s a look in his eye that says that he’s been humbled and he craves that now too. Click here to check out the full video of Joel’s gay spanking submission and punishment.

twink chav is all bad attitude when he gets a bare ass spanking

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