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Sweet Peach Spanked and Sodomized

Kurt Summers is a sweet young lad living a laid back life in Southern California and is happy to pick up a modeling gig here and there with Helix Studios for extra cash. His bubble butt makes him very popular and highly in demand and that sparks jealousy with some of the other lads. Evan Parker is one of those guys who is envious of Kurt and his come and go attitude, and he asks to partner up with Kurt for a scene. Kurt thinks he’s going to get his cock sucked and his ass fucked, but first Evan has a special treat in store for him: several hard lashes with a flogger and then more blows from a leather paddle. Kurt doesn’t know whats happening and his cries of pain are tinged with fear. Evan finally relents with the corporal punishment, only to handcuff Kurt and throw him over a table and ram his plushy ass from behind. It’s so great to see these twinks showing their fierce side! Click here to watch the full gay twink spanking and fuck scene at!


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Nick’s Agony Perfectly Captured in Paddling Video!

Nick is a new favourite of the masterminds at Tropixxx/Real Male Spankings, and this clip is a great example of using the two-camera filming style. The blond California lad has been disappointing his caretakers with his foul language, and finally he hits the breaking point and he’s earned himself a spanking with a wooden Jokari paddle. Leaning over the kitchen sink, Nick gets several sharp paddles over his jeans, and then more spanks delivered over his white underwear. You can see his face screwing up in pain and his breathing going from normal to huffing in a matter of seconds, indicating this isn’t some kind of pretend of spanking, but a real, authentic punishment delivered by an experienced hand. Tropixxx Spankings are legendary for the authentic pain and punishment: Nick is the latest and greatest lad under their thumb! Click here to watch Nick’s hard, painful paddling at!



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Frustrated Dad Finally Punishes Horny Teen Son


Last week, I posted about Conrad from British Boys Fetish Club and his very churlish response to his Dad’s spanking attempt. Conrad completely flummoxed his Dad by rubbing his erection against the older man’s thigh each time the paddle struck his bare bum. He was using his dad as a masturbatory device and eventually leaked his thick teen ejaculate all over the family’s sofa. Over the next week, Conrad has continue to treat the house like a giant wadded tissue, jerking off constantly and leaving his semen everywhere. His parents are horrified, and his Dad decides to really give the lad a sound spanking to teach him a lesson. He’s prepard this time, and he lets Conrad have it with a wooden hairbrush and paddle. And even though Conrad is semi-erect as usual, he seems to be feeling the pain a lot more today.


Conrad’s father has discovered the key to disciplining Conrad is to let the paddle do the talking and concentrate on the sting and the burn. He bends the naked horny teen over and gives his ass a stinging with the cane as well. In the end Conrad is teary and contrite, and finally not behaving like a randy beast. His erection has subsided and he resembles the sweet boy his father remembers from earlier days. Conrad and his Dad hug it out and the son promises to be more considerate and the father says he’s proud of his boy. Click here to watch this British m/m spanking clip at


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Hung Lad Cums during Spanking from Daddy!


Conrad is an endless source of frustration for his Father. He’s 19, out of school and unemployed and he slouches around the house all day doing God knows what. Judging by the endless collection of wadded up tissues in the trash, Conrad spends a lot of his day masturbating, and Dad finally hits his breaking point when he walks in on Conrad walking around without any pants or underwear on; just a t-shirt and his monster teen cock flopping around between his legs. Dad yells at him to put on some goddamn pants, but Conrad still flaunts more than the rules, pulling on a pair of trackies without underwear, and his swelling cock creates a tent that is both impressive and very discomfiting. Who wants to show off their erection to their Dad? Conrad’s Dad pulls the disturbed lad over his knee and starts to give him a spanking, and Conrad really doesn’t hide that he’s enjoying it, especially since his tree-trunk cock is slapping against his father’s thigh every time the bare hand spanks his ass! Dad realizes what’s happening and puts Conrad on the sofa and spanks him with a table-tennis paddle. Conrad’s cock swings free and starts leaking thick white semen all over his mother’s furniture! Conrad’s Dad is horrified and defeated by his monstrously horny offspring, who has thoroughly enjoyed his time with Dad and is mentally filing his experience in the spank bank! Click here to watch this very messy and inventive boy reversing the punishment dynamic on his Dad at!


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Homemade Spanking Video is Real and Very Painful!

Here’s a sizzling clip of Garret, and firm young man who happened to fall into Tropixxx’s lap. Pulled over the knee of Alex Colton, Garret got a very hard spanking with a birch hand paddle nicknamed the Stinger. In short order, his bum went from pink to black and blue and his giggling grin became a gasping grimace. When he’s finally finished, he shows off his puffy bum for the camera, still burning red with bruises emerging. Can you imagine cupping that rump and feeling that heat in your hand? –SWOONS– Click here to watch Garret’s full video inside at


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