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Crying little lad Takes it all at BBFC!

*** WARNING — Extreme Content! ***

Jimmy has inherent ability to make himself a pest, and he finally pushed BritishBoysFetishClub’s Craig into exasperation, earning the twinky lad a trip to the punishment room. First Craig unleashes the cane on a howling Jimmy who endures an impressive number of strokes before he breaks down sobbing. Craig’s stony heart in unmoved, and he pulls the quivering scamp over his knee for an extra round of spanking with the big wooden brush. Jimmy’s ass has a deep purple bloom forming, but Craig is still relentless: he uses a paddle and then finally a wide rubber strap that leaves Jimmy a crumpled, bawling wretch. Time will tell if it’s a lesson that sticks or if repetition will be required (Oh God yes, I hope so!). Click here to treat yourself to the full length extreme Corporal Punishment video at BritishBoysFetishClub!


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Thick Brown Skinned Student gets his Smooth Ass Spanked and Paddled

Saul is a very handsome Indian college student that is a recent addition to and I could list his amazing qualities all day: dazzling smile, beautiful brown eyes and amazing smooth brown skin…Despite his charms, he’s been keeping his landlord up late with parties and music and the breaking point has been reached. The landlord is smitten with Saul and he gives him a choice: submit to a traditional spanking or accept eviction. Of course cocky Saul chooses punishment over homelessness and he dutifully bends over his landlord’s knee. Saul has a thick athletic body of a rugby player, and especially thick thighs and an invitingly round butt. The landlord uses hid bare hand to start, spanking Saul over his underwear, and the camera gets a great angle when Saul’s shorts come off and the spanking starts turning his brown buttocks a rosy pink. Saul is trying to remain composed, and the spanking makes him flash a really cute grin of embarrassment at the camera, and soon the pain is getting very real, but he’s really starting to enjoy it. When the landlord starts using the paddle on Saul, his meaty ass bounces like a beach ball each time it’s struck! Saul’s arousal during his first proper British spanking is really special — watch the full video here!


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Strapping Footballer Humiliated by Dad


Fraser has been having the worst day. Having been called out by his Football coach for lack of dedication and discipline, he received a humiliating spanking to put him back in check. His ass is still smarting from the painful smacking he got from Mr. X when he slinks home to his Dad. And of course his father has already heard the news and is mortified that his unruly son needed to be disciplined by another authority figure. Dad is a football fanatic, and he thought he was being meticulous in overseeing his son’s training. Now he feels as if he’s been played for a fool. Still in his dirty practice uniform, Fraser is ordered upstairs to bathe. Punishment will commence immediately after. Fraser is still dressed in his towel when his father fetches him and pulls the tall lad over his knee. His ass is still throbbing from Mr. X’s punishment, and Fraser’s dad is relentless with his bare hand, almost as if seeing the mark of another man’s hand on his son’s bottom drives him to spank harder to make the marks go away! He’s so keen on making sure his son never embarrasses him like this again, he even uses his leather paddle to leave Fraser’s buttocks scorched! Click here to see the hard corporal punishment and mindgames going on during Fraser’s Bubble Bath Blues at Straight Lads Spanked!


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Humbled and Punished into Submission

Straight, handsome Nick came to Reluctant Young Men on a dare; his friend had been badly embarrassed on the site a few weeks earlier and told Nick he wouldn’t fare any better. Eager to make some easy cash and earn bragging rights over his friend, Nick called Rich and arranged a video shoot. The masculine stud is immediately put off balance when Rich instructs him to strip naked from the waist down so the master can check out his thick cock and balls. Hetero Nick realizes he’s totally unprepared to be treated like a naughty little boy when he’s pulled over Rich’s knee with ease and the spanking and light caressing begins. Rich uses his big strong hand, a wooden paddle and finally a bath brush to spank Nick’s buoyant butt and he finds it very satisfying to get the sexy reaction he was hoping for from the straight jock: panting, gasping and howling and ultimately humiliating submission. Looks like Nick isn’t the big macho man he always thought he was! Click here to see Nick’s full length OTK spanking and submission video at!


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Frat Hazing Video features Great Bubble Butt Spanking

Pledges Garret and Zach are desperate to get accepted into their fraternity, and they’ll go through and humiliating punishment to win acceptance. Upperclassman Nick gleefully takes to the task of administering the punishment (he is still burning for vengeance after his paddling last year) and he drives the two pledges out to the middle of no where. After posing for a few pictures, Nick unsheathes the sacred wooden paddle of the fraternity and he teases Zach and Garret before getting to work. They each take a few whacks to their bums over their clothes before Nick orders them to drop their pants. Garret has an amazing bubble butt that bounces every time the hard wood strikes his butt. The paddle stings and starts to form a welt and a bruise. Zach is next and his butt is almost as peachy as Garret’s. His bum takes a sharp paddling and soon it’s red and very sore looking. Nick gets a measure of misplaced satisfaction and everyone is looking forward to the next time he gets a paddle in his hand. Click here to see the full length frat hazing spanking video from Real Male Spankings!




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