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Sweet Twink Ton spanked and probed

Here’s a great clip of Czech twink Ton getting tied and spanked by his Daddy. Ton’s new website features this unbelievably hot twink getting nasty in many different fetish scenes, including spanking. Ton really loves punishment and pain play, and he gets a hard spanking across his perfect ass to stimulate his pain reactions. He moans, but he wants it harder. Ton’s Daddy works his cock throughout the session, wanking him, and probing his hole with his fingers. Ton is sick, and you do not want to miss any of his spanking suffering. Enter here to see Ton’s entire spanking video in full plus his other fetish adventures.

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Tender twink ass lashed with a leather strap

A German exchange student has come to stay at Jeff Sterne’s house for a half semester, and although Jeff was really looking forward to bonding with the new lad and providing valuable tutoring and mentoring, sadly the boy, Keine Sorgen, would rather be ogling smut magazines and playing video games than finishing his homework and enriching himself with culture. Finally, after weeks of bad attitude from his guest, Jeff has had enough with the German twink and he decides that painful corporal punishment is the only way to break the bad habits. He strips away Keine’s fancy German jeans, and rips off his flimsy, sexy underwear. His bare ass is smooth, round and supple, and it trembles when Jeff smacks it with his bare hand. Keine tries to pull away, but he’s not strong enough, and Jeff spanks him into submission, until he’s biting his lip to get through the pain. That’s when Jeff unveils the leather strap, and really starts with the old school discipline. Keine cries as Jeff lashes out at his amazing round buttocks. It’s truly fucking painful and sexy punishment. Click here to watch Keine’s entire excruciating male-male spanking discipline video in HD.

tender twink ass lashed with a leather strap

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Tough Lad Connor Maguire gives his playmate a Hard Spanking

Connor Maguire is a very bright star in the porn world, a muscular ginger lad brimming with promise. After a few years spent bottoming for a lot of studios, he wanted to branch out and explore his kinky dominant side and was eager to have him unleash his macho fury on super-bottom twink Chase Young. Shot in a dungeon set for the dvd Bad Boy Connor pushes Chase up against a St. Andrew’s cross and manhandles his naked ass. Chase may be a twink but he can really fill out a jockstrap, and his round ass looks like a piece of fruit begging to be plucked. So Connor warms Chase up with some bare hand spanking before applying tougher discipline with a broad leather paddle. Chase is moaning and bucking his ass after every smack, but he’s pushing his ass out to give Connor a nice big candy-apple red target to hit. Connor is loving the role of the punisher, and his girthy cock is swelling up inside his jeans. He pulls out his meat and Chase sinks to his knees, eager to pleasure his tough master. Click here to stream the full video at SpankThis!



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Extra Spicy poolside twink spanking punishment

Here’s a very straightforward gay spanking clip for your approval: these British lads are lined up poolside and spanked with a Lucite paddle until they are cringing and howling with pain! The cries of pain and the hopping dances performed by the suffering twinks demonstrate the unyielding discipline performed. Over and over again, these firm backside get stroked with the paddle and cane as the discipline victims go crazy with the pain. Enter here to see the full videos from British Boys Fetish Club and browse the fetish DVD collection!

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Twink Trio spanked without mercy

Here’s a new spanking clip that really has a lot of buzz behind it. Jeff Stern brings in young beefcake Paul Pratt to help him punish a gang of unruly twinks, the pair utterly destroy their tender asses. Paul is a blossoming maniac, utterly unfazed of anyone’s suffering, and he wields a riding crop like he’s hacking through a jungle with a machete. Skyelr Bleu catches the brunt of his wrath, and the American twink twists and cries while his luscious rump gets turned into a red, raw pulp. His flesh is burning and each round, smooth buttock is covered with welts and bruises. Jeff isn’t on vacation either, tanning the backsides of Joshua Fetters and Nichloas Leoni with a thick leather strap until their smarting asses are cherry red and burning. Click here to watch the full video of these three twinks getting an intense spanking punishment.

Twink Trio spanked without mercy

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