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Smooth Bottomed Saul gets Another Stern Spanking!

When Saul debuted on CP4Men a few months ago, I was captivated by his brilliant smile and perfect skin. Such a handsome lad…who could imagine him misbehaving and earning himself a spanking? Apparently he has been coasting on his status as teacher’s pet at boarding school and has finally let his slacking off reach epic levels. What will his parents think? To correct his behaviour and take some of the shine off his “special snowflake” sense of entitlement, the schoolmaster has requested that Saul report to his office (although it must be casual Friday). Saul looks spiffy in his crisp school uniform, and he bends over the headmaster’s lap to receive his discipline. The spanking starts out slow and deliberate, over Saul’s shorts, and then they are pulled down to reveal his clean, white underwear. Just as an aside, one of the things that turns me on about Saul is the gorgeous contrast between his smooth, chocolaty skin against the gleaming white of his underwear. YUM! From there, Saul gets spanked across his bum over his underwear and finally over his bare skin. The headmaster finally employs a hairbrush on Saul’s buttocks for full effect, and he bucks and squirms but he can’t get away. In the end, maybe Saul’s attitude correction might work, but just as likely, he’ll eventually slip and be right back over the headmaster’s knee. We Hope! Click here to watch British schoolboy Saul’s OTK spanking discipline video at CP4Men!


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Humbled and Punished into Submission

Straight, handsome Nick came to Reluctant Young Men on a dare; his friend had been badly embarrassed on the site a few weeks earlier and told Nick he wouldn’t fare any better. Eager to make some easy cash and earn bragging rights over his friend, Nick called Rich and arranged a video shoot. The masculine stud is immediately put off balance when Rich instructs him to strip naked from the waist down so the master can check out his thick cock and balls. Hetero Nick realizes he’s totally unprepared to be treated like a naughty little boy when he’s pulled over Rich’s knee with ease and the spanking and light caressing begins. Rich uses his big strong hand, a wooden paddle and finally a bath brush to spank Nick’s buoyant butt and he finds it very satisfying to get the sexy reaction he was hoping for from the straight jock: panting, gasping and howling and ultimately humiliating submission. Looks like Nick isn’t the big macho man he always thought he was! Click here to see Nick’s full length OTK spanking and submission video at ReluctantYoungMen.com!


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Naked Lad Gets Hot Hairbrush Spanking!


Romeo returns to ReluctantYoungMen.com and Richard really gives it to him hard and without any kind of tenderness. He pulls Romeo over his knee and spanks him hard with his bare hand until Romeo is sobbing and whining and trying to squirm away. Richard dials up the intensity, brandishing his trusty wooden bath brush and begins delivering sharp blows that have Romeo seeing stars. Richard orders him to stay still and Romeo tries to maintain discipline as long as he can, but he eventually starts trying to shield his bare bum from the hard blows from the hairbrush. Richard is getting very irritated with Romeo now and he stands the lad up and smacks the palms of his hands with the brush as punishment for interfering. Richard resumes Romeo’s spanking and finally the lad gets it right and allows Richard to conclude. The camera keeps rolling after the brutal corporal punishment is over, and Richard and Romeo share a tender moment of comfort as Romeo calms down. Click here to watch this incredibly intense and super hot gay hairbrush spanking from ReluctantYoungMen.com!





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Muscle Pup TJ gets his ass spanked Crimson Red!

It’s good to be back on the site and catching up with all of my old CP loving friends! The mystery man from Spanking-boys.com has certainly been hard at work, putting the wood (and leather) to all of the desperate rent boys and hustlers in Eastern Europe. TJ is quite a specimen; a hulking lad with an amazing round bubble butt that reminds me of an apple (especially after its been turned red!) Mr. Anonymous gets him to lather up in the shower and then model his sports kit for the camera. He tugs on his cock to show off how ready he is, and when he gets bent over his Master’s lap, there’s no mercy or respite! Mr. Anon spanks TJ furiously, making those ass cheeks bounce and turning them a bright shade of red. He adds several minutes worth of belt lashing for good measure and the blossoming bodybuilder is teary-eyed and very flushed after the ordeal. Mr. A has him pick up his cock again, and surprise…he’s raging hard and ready to rub out a huge gusher of cum. Treat yourself to the full video of TJ’s spanking introduction here!


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Amazing twink gets his ass paddled hard

Christian Collins is another new twink discovered by disciplinarian extraordinaire Jeff Stern and SpankThis.com. Christian Collins is about to get spanked like the proverbial red headed stepchild courtesy of Mr. Stern…he starts Christian off with some playful bare hand spanking over top of his blue jeans, and then spanks the red headed twink over his sexy underwear. Christian struggles and tries to squirm away, but Jeff is having none of it. He starts smacking Christian very hard with a wooden paddle, pulling down his underwear at the same time to expose his warm, pink cheeks. After administering a thorough paddling across Christian’s bare ass, Jeff stands him up, wipes away a tear and reassures him he can still be a good boy. Click here to watch the full twink OTK paddling video.

amazing twink gets his ass paddled hard

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