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Shy Boy gets very horny during Spanking

Posted in bare hand spanking, corporal punishment, GIFs on January 19th, 2015 by admin

Meet Alfie, a 20 year old Brit who while professing to be a straight lad with a kinky streak, definitely shows a different side during this hot spanking video. This update is from my old favourite, Spanking-Boys, run by my mysterious friend, Mr. A. We all fantasize about his life — chucking his job and all of his responsibilities to chase tail all over Europe — who wouldn’t fantasize about hooking up with Alfie? He’s got an amazing bubble butt with some serious bounce. Once the mystery man starts spanking him, his ass turns a great shade of crimson and Alfie’s moaning and getting hard. He gets spanked in several different positions before getting his ass probed and finally fucked. Mr. A pounds his red, throbbing ass while Alfie jacks himself off and delivers a huge, messy cumshot. This one is definitely a must see — the trailer only hints at the greatness. Only the full video will satisfy you!. Click here to see Alfie’s entire shower scene, spanking punishment and sexual reward at Spanking-Boys.

alfred - spanknig boys



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Father-Son headmaster caning

Posted in bare hand spanking, caning, corporal punishment on January 16th, 2015 by admin

College freshman Turner used to be the big man in his high school, but now he’s just a little fish in a big pond. He’s been trying to get back on familiar footing, and he’s been acting like a bully to one particular dude on the soccer team, and soon he finds himself in the headmaster’s office. The headmaster is incredibly strict, and he believes in corporal punishment as the only remedy for troubled boys. He pulls the towering troublemaker over his knee and spanks him like a misbehaving toddler. He even forces him to remove his shorts so he can receive his spanking on his bare buttocks. The Headmaster gives his a severe OTK bare hand spanking before sending him on his way. Later the headmaster catches him smoking in the dorm, an infraction worthy of a bare ass caning. The headmaster orders Turner to strip naked from the waist down and bend over a chair, and he gives the bully a burning caning, making Turner scream and grit his teeth after every lash. Click here to see the whole father/son male spanking video here.

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English College boy gets a caning from the headmaster

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Buff Jock Humbled during Painful Spanking

Posted in bare hand spanking, corporal punishment on January 16th, 2015 by admin

Straight Lads Spanked has put out another hot update today, but because of the ongoing scandals surrounding their site, they are still not providing trailers for us bloggers…boo! But here are some screengrabs to tease the imagination. From the “Brother in Charge” series, this set features Andy, the older brother tearfully admitting to his Uncle how he’s let the family down after his father left him in charge. His younger brother has been sent to a juvenile detention facility, and the whole family feels like its coming apart at the seams. He begs his uncle to take control, and the first thing that Andy’s uncle does is pull the beefy straight lad over his knee for a hard spanking to teach him about responsibility and respect for authority. Andy cries and struggles but he can’t escape his uncle, and his bare buttocks are soon glowing hot pink with pain and shame. The spanking is a real endurance test and before its over, Andy gets his ass lashed with a leather whip (members area only). Click here to see Handsome straight Andy getting a painful but deserved OTK spanking from his uncle at Straight Lads Spanked.






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Young Blond gets a hard OTK Spanking @ Tropixxx

Posted in bare hand spanking, corporal punishment, twinks on January 15th, 2015 by admin

I got a sneak peak at a new set coming from the producers at Tropixxx set for release on in a few short weeks. Featuring blond bad boy Nick and stern disciplinarian Alex Colton and lots of OTK hairbrush spanking and real tears! Nick’s in trouble again — his delinquency is really spiralling out of control, and no amount of positive behaviour reinforcement is helping. Only old-fashioned methods will work now, and Alex instructs the lad to strip to his underwear and bend across his knee. Using a hairbrush, Alex pounds out the spanking rhythmically, increasing the tempo like he is beating a drum. Nick jumps, whimpers and tries to pull away, but he’s no match for the older, stronger man. No matter how hard he fights it, the tears are welling up in his eyes and soon the dam bursts, Nick sobs while the spanking endures for an agonizingly long time. It’s very hot stuff and worth a look. Plus two new models, Zach and Garret, will begin filming new scenes for this week! Click here to watch these amazing young men in authentic male spanking videos!






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Party boy Jack gets a hard OTK spanking from his furious Dad

Posted in bare hand spanking, corporal punishment on January 9th, 2015 by admin

I want to give a shout out to the excellent work being done by the savvy English pervs at MancSpanc, a new studio putting out some tremendous corporal punishment videos out of the UK. Here’s a trailer for their newest video “Take it Out”. Featuring Jack, a hard partying student almost out the door to university, and his frustrated Dad Stuart. When Stuart finds out his son has gotten some extreme ear piercings, he bends Jack over his knee and gives him a hard bare hand spanking and demands he removes the unsightly piercings. Jack defies him, and Stuart goes apoplectic, yanking down his son’s trousers and smacking his bare buttocks with a hard strap. Humiliated Jack slinks away, wary not to defy his father again. Make sure you check out more amateur spanking trailers here!

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party boy Jack gets a hard OTK spanking from his furious Dad

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Trey squirms to get out of this painful Hairbrush Spanking

Posted in corporal punishment on January 8th, 2015 by admin


Another young man tries his best to make some easy cash on Reluctant Young Men, and is handily defeated. No money is every easy, especially when you have to strip naked in front of a sadistic stranger, lie across his lap and just wait for the worst. Big Rich gets Trey into the vulnerable OTK position and warms him up with some light bare hand spanking before moving on to a this wooden paddle. Now Trey starts squirming, and the easy money he thought he would be making is becoming more complicated. How long can he take it? How long does he have to last before he can collect and run? Rich isn’t telling but he’s working up to his favourite implement, the old fashioned wooden hairbrush. Now the spanking intensifies, and Trey’s ass cheeks are getting red and puffy. He’s squirming and trying to get free but Rick holds him in place with one meaty arm. The cries and pleas for mercy are getting louder and more pathetic, and it feeds Rich, adding more sting to each stroke of the brush. Finally he shows some mercy, but Trey has learned a very valuable lesson: There’s no such thing as easy money on the internet. Click here to watch this straight first timer’s full length OTK spanking with hairbrush and paddle.


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