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More Frustration, More Real Punishment


It seems like the never-ending string of fuck-up lads signing up to be models for StraightLadsSpanked.com has produced another lazy, entitled and unreliable brat. Chris was at first eager to sell his body to Mr. X for a dirty spanking video, and the straight lad said he would have no problem even getting naked for cash. The date was set, but Chris stopped returning emails and text messages. Mr. X was at a loss, not knowing if his new recruit was going to show him up or ever even reply. Finally, on shooting day, Chris shows up hours late with no good reason, he just wasn’t sure if he felt like getting spanked anymore. Mr. X had heard some version of crap so often lately he made Chris the same offer he does to all of the boys who reveal themselves to be delinquent douchebags: either he can stay and submit to a real spanking, no breaks, no mercy and get paid and continue to get paid for future projects, or he can leave and never come back and never earn a penny.


Disappointment and annoyance drip from Mr. X’s voice while Chris considers his offer. Even the cat views him as an incompetent ne’er do well. Finally, he decides to take the real punishment to make the money and keep the relationship, and Mr.x pulls young Chris over his knee and immediately starts giving him full-strength blows across his buttocks. First spanking him over his jeans, then his underwear, and by the time he gets to Chris’s bare bum, its already crimson and starting to get blotchy and bruised. Mr. X keeps up the punishment, spanking Chris without mercy until he’s gritting his teeth and panting. Finally, Mr. X allows Chris to get up and walk away, filming his puffy and tender buttocks so we can all appreciate the care and attention put into Chris’s Spanking. Click here to see the full video (46 minutes) of straight lad Chris getting this intense and painful male spanking from StraightLadsSpanked.com


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Tattooed young punk gets a hard lashing with a leather belt

Ageless (or should that be deathless?) Jeff Stern has scheduled another corporal training session with eager slave boy Nicholas Leoni. He’s a scruffy young American lad, with cheap looking tattoos up and down his arms, the kind you get in the back of a gas station at 3am when you’re drunk and there’s a better than 50/50 chance you’re walking away with a spelling mistake or hepatitis. He’s also got a septum piercing, but overall his look is reminiscent of a homeless man’s James Roday…but I digress. Jeff is eager to continue Nicholas’s training, warming him up with a bare hand before lashing his tender buttocks with a leather belt. Nicholas gnashes his teeth and cries in protest, but he’s obedient and submissive and he wants to please Jeff Stern and earn his reward. Jeff obsesses over Nicholas’s pink asshole, groping his ass cheeks and spanking the pucker sharply with his index and middle fingers. Click here to get deep inside this strange slave/master spanking relationship and watch the full length twink spanking videos.

Tattooed young punk gets a hard lashing with a leather belt

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Straight Boys Punished Together


A couple of nervous straight college boys found their way to ReluctantYoungMen.com after their financial situation became extra dire. Kenneth has dropped his pants for Master Rich before, but his best friend Greg is super uneasy about making a “gay porno”. Rich is reveling in the nervous tension between the two and decides to spank them one at a time while the other watches to maximize their squeamishness. Greg is selected to go first, and he flops over Rich’s lad into the OTK position like he’s a mere schoolboy. Greg tries to be tough, knowing his friend is watching, but Rich breaks him and humiliates him using a metal ruler and hairbrush. Kenneth fidgets in the background while Greg wheezes and whimpers, choking back his baby-bitch tears. Kenneth fares no better over Rich’s knee. His brave facade crumbles quickly under the pain brought by a wooden paddle, ruler and hairbrush. Greg ends up laughing at his buddy while he was enduring the worst of the male spanking punishment. Friends are the worst! When it’s all over, both boys quickly realize that being a tough guy in front of their friends was complete bullshit and not important. Watch these delicious young college lads earn a valuable life lesson at the hands of Master Richard in this exciting amateur gay spanking video!




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Fresh Flesh: Amateur Bare Hand Spanking

It looks like another fresh young face has popped up on Spanking-Boys.com — Jess is a filthy young chav lad from the Estates, looking for cash and willing to get naked on video to get paid. The look on his face tells me he underestimated the pain of the spanking, because he twists up his face as his bare ass is getting a hard spanking. He’s got a really premium, white, fleshy ass with lots of bounce, and it jiggles in such a pleasing manner when it gets a hard smack of the bare hand. The naked Chav lad is getting hard as the pain builds, and when his spanking is finally completed, he strokes his hard cock until he spews out a thick coating of cum all over his own stomach and thigh. If you are hungering for a fresh face appearing in his first gay spanking video, click here to see Jess’s full corporal punishment video debut!

Fresh Flesh: Amateur Bare Hand Spanking

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Grown son still gets a hot hairbrush spanking across Dads knee

Mike is a lazy college boy content to sleep through his morning class after another night of drinking and partying. His Dad, Rich, is furious that this miscreant son of his is blowing off class when tuition costs over $12K a year, so he drags his hungover lout out of bed by the ear and begins to spank him soundly over his knee. First he gives Mike his bare hand over his sweat pants, and then he pulls off the garment and spanks his bare flesh until it’s turning hot pink and starting to sizzle. Mike struggles and tries to get away but Rich is too strong, and he unveils his latest surprise, the wooden bath brush. Mike really starts to thrash around and scream in pain, but Rich continues to tan his hide with the brush. There’s no way out for the slacker, and he suffers through every lash. Click here to watch the complete, full length male-male corporal punishment video.

grown son still gets a hot hairbrush spanking across Dads knee

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