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Painful Male Spanking, Military Style!

Can’t wait to share this one with you…Brand new video from Gay War Games featuring their signature merciless punishment and humiliation. This episode is called “Bus Tour”, featuring abducted twinks caught behind the combat lines by the horny soldiers. What happens next? Savage heavy corporal and torrents of verbal abuse, of course! The three GWG soldiers spank and slap the terrified lad with their bare hands and then bend him in half an pummel his sweet ass with a leather belt. Enter here to see more heavy corporal punishment and twink abuse from Gay War Games.

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Young Ben fidgets and squirms when he gets a painful hairbrush spanking

Another cute amateur lad has appeared in a spanking video for Rich at ReluctantYoungMen.com. Rich is really loving Ben, a slender young dude, straight and surprising cool about getting naked and laying across his lap. Rich lectures Ben and spanks his ass with his bare hand, and when Ben refuses to give him a satisfactory response to the pain, Rich increases the intensity, spanking Ben with a leather strap with an increased tempo and then with a wooden hairbrush at a very fast pace. Ben finally gives into the pain and becomes very fidgety and starts to vocalize. His groans and little squeals please Rich very much and he finally relents his sadistic spanking punishment. I love it when the old-school guys use a hairbrush to punish these little brat boys. Click here to finish watching Ben’s painful first spanking video.

young Ben fidgets and squirms when he gets a painful hairbrush spanking

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Perfect Round Ass

One of the big turn ons for me watching twinks getting spanked is the perfection in the asses. This twink is the epitome of the gorgeous posterior. I love the way the back curves perfectly to meet the ass, or the way this boy flexes his ass muscles in anticipation of each lash of the belt. These boys have such smooth skin and sculpted, shapely buttocks. It’s unbearable sometimes to watch but not be able to touch. Not to be able to strike the flesh with a belt and watch the meat and the fat of the buttocks recoil, and then bounce back perfectly. Or to feel the sensation of cupping that hot cheek in my hand after delivering the stinging lash. Maybe you agree with me. Maybe you want to do the same thing to this young lad. Click here to see the entire punishment and spanking video and lose yourself in your own punishment fantasy.

sexy twink gets his ass whipped red and raw

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Cruel, sadistic male-male spanking punishment

So I know I’ve been getting a little soft on the blog the last couple of posts with the glam, pretty boy twink spanking, but I’ve been hungering for some real pain and punishment video. So here’s another fucking hot, real and pain-filled clip from British Boys Fetish Club to satisfy the sadistic urges. This hot spanking compilation video hits on everything I love: OTK bare hand spanking, hairbrush spanking, leather belt whipping and even birching! This trim, athletic lad clenches his teeth and tries not to cry from the pain, but each lash of his firm round buttocks brings him closer to tears. His ordeal is finally over and he checks out his red and swollen ass. Click here and see the full carnage of this fresh lad’s harrowing gay spanking ordeal.

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