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Ridiculously hot twink ass spanking

Who here prefers their spanking videos on the naughty, sexy side, or on the shame and punishment side. 99% of the time I fall for the latter, but there are some dudes that irresistibly draw me to the former. I featured Kyler Moss about two weeks ago in a self spanking video that really took me by surprise. This kind of pretty boy is never who you see in spanking videos. Yet there he was, swinging that whip and paddle against his own bare flesh without hesitation and genuinely getting off on it. It was incredibly sexy and hot, and not at all what I usually go for. So I dug some more and found more clips of bright twink star Kyler getting his gorgeous bottom spanked with a leather paddle. It seems his BF can’t resist that perfectly round bubble butt, and really cracks that leather hard against his flesh. No discipline, no shame, just two twinks getting off on playing out their gay spanking fantasy in the bedroom. Click here to see longer videos of Kyler Moss shackled and restrained and loving his corporal punishment.

ridiculously hot twink ass spanking

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Shockingly hot twink self spank

OK, so it is definitely as rare as hen’s teeth that I find self spanking interesting, much less arousing, and if you told me yesterday that I would be completely fascinated by a wisp of a twink in a solo self spanking video, I would have called you crazy. But here I am, my eyes are completely glued to Kyler Moss, twink sex slut and admitted kinkster. He confesses to his love of kink, and demonstrates with hard self paddling with a leather strap and unrestrained whipping with a flail? Is this boy for real? He almost looks like he would break if you even touched him with a whip, but apparently there’s a pretty deep reserve of pain tolerance and control there. I’d love to see him in serious spanking video with say, Jeff Sterne or perhaps any of the crazy daddies at British Boys Fetish Club…but what say you? Am I out to lunch on this one? Who wants to get in line (behind me) to give this boy some real punishment? Add you comments, and click here to see the full twink solo punishment video

shockingly hot twink self spanking

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Pretty twink gets spanked by kinky boyfriend

So thanks everyone for being patient with me while I dragged my butt getting back to work in 2012…I just cannot seem to drag myself away from anything festive still lingering around. But I poured the last of the New Year’s champagne into a mimosa this morning, and there’s nothing left to do but take down the tree and wrap up the tinsel for another year. But before the winter melancholy sets in, I found this spanking clip to share with you: foxy twink lad Kyler Moss blindfolded and handcuffed, preening on the bed while his emo boyfriend Roxy tests his pain threshold spanking his ass with a riding crop and then a heavy-duty leather strap. Kyler switches from mincing naughty boy to moaning and penitent in a hurry, trying to squirm away from the smart, stinging lashes of the leather paddle across his lovely pale white bubble butt. Click here to watch the full length video of Kyler getting spanked and punished and more inside.

pretty twink gets spanked by kinky boyfriend


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