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Bare Hand Spanking Punishment

Here’s a new trailer that I meant to share with you last week from SpankThis — Jeff Sterne and his misbehaving student Mikey meet to talk about attitude adjustments. In the end Jeff can’t seem to convince the lad he needs to behave in class, so Sterne has to pull down the lad’s pants and give him a sound spanking on his ass. Jeff uses his bare hand to deliver a series of hard, punishing spanks to the troubled skater boi, and even uses a heavy leather belt to get his message across. Enter here to see more of the corporal punishment correction video at Helix Studios

Jeff Sterne gives his twink pupil a hard barehand spanking

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Sassy Twinks Spanked in Detention

Dallas Trenton and Kurt Summers are a pair of 18 year old seniors who have been harassing freshmen all semester, laughing off the limp-wristed consequences that their teachers can throw at them. The situation finally escalates and Vice Principal of Student Discipline Jeff Sterne is called in to settle things once and for all. His brand of justice is more heavy handed discipline, and these two miscreants land in his detention room after school. The twink teens are stripped to their underwear and spanked silly, first with Jeff’s bare hand and then with a traditional wooden paddle. Jeff heaps humiliation on the blushing pair, teaching a lesson in proper teen behaviour they won’t soon forget. Click here to watch the full double twink spanking video at!


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