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Taut and sexy Ross Drake Flogged Across his Chest!

When we last saw Ross Drake at BreederFuckers, he was nose down in a dirty mattress and his bum was being used as a gameboard for Xs and Os, but Masters Dave and Adrian used a cane to make their marks. Now, Ross is exhausted and wracked with pain and he’s stood up and roped in a standing spread-eagle position. He’s still got a lot of fight left in him and he’s trying his best to squirm away from Adrian. Dave threatens to get rough with Ross if he doesn’t calm down, and young Ross gets gagged and his nipples pegged to warning to shut up and take it. Ross doesn’t relent though, and in a last ditch effort to subdue him, Dave gives him a hard lashing across his chest, ripping the clothespins off of Ross’s nipples and making him howl in pain! Click here to see delicious young Ross Drake getting even more corporal punishment in the BreederFuckers Dungeon!


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Sweet Peach Spanked and Sodomized

Kurt Summers is a sweet young lad living a laid back life in Southern California and is happy to pick up a modeling gig here and there with Helix Studios for extra cash. His bubble butt makes him very popular and highly in demand and that sparks jealousy with some of the other lads. Evan Parker is one of those guys who is envious of Kurt and his come and go attitude, and he asks to partner up with Kurt for a scene. Kurt thinks he’s going to get his cock sucked and his ass fucked, but first Evan has a special treat in store for him: several hard lashes with a flogger and then more blows from a leather paddle. Kurt doesn’t know whats happening and his cries of pain are tinged with fear. Evan finally relents with the corporal punishment, only to handcuff Kurt and throw him over a table and ram his plushy ass from behind. It’s so great to see these twinks showing their fierce side! Click here to watch the full gay twink spanking and fuck scene at SpankThis.com!


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Lean Euro Twink Painfully Flogged

Martin is a lean model from the Czech Republic who checked a box on the modeling application saying he was available for spanking scenes. After seeing his profile pics and body shots, the producers quickly called him in for a dungeon spanking scene with mean looking Borek. Not exactly knowing what to expect, Martin is surprised by the gag being stuffed in his mouth; he tries to remove it but his hands are tied and Borek clips a chain to the increasingly helpless teen’s long foreskin! Unlike a lot of scenes we’ve watched at STR8Hell, Borek wields the leather flogger with a lot of confidence and strength, and Martin’s plushy ass heats up rather quickly. Whenever Martin is struggling too much, the sadistic bugger pulls on his dick chain to bring him into line and gives him another lash to punish him. Modelling just sucks. Click here to watch the entire gay spanking video in the STR8Hell dungeon!


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Best Friends OTK Bare Bum Male Spanking


Best friends Michael and Jay have become a pair of Daddy’s boys at Reluctant Young Men. They decided they like the money Rich pays for spanking videos, among other things, and they drive up to Philadelphia together for the shoots and to get in trouble in the city. Since RYM got such a positive response from the last Best Friends video they shot, they decided to do it again, but Michael and Jay would get their spankings at the same time in the same room. Richard’s buddy Chic volunteered to take a lad over his knee and the four men went at it. Lying face to face, inches apart, Jay and Michael have some very real and pained reactions to the spanking, which included hard bare hand spanking and leather strap lashing. Jay and Michael start panting, bucking and struggling, but even though they are young and strong, older guys like Richard and Chic can use their position to exert authority and dominance over even much stronger and younger men. Start watching the full video of these young guys getting spanked and aroused by older guys at the same time!



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Tight Young Jock gets Flogged without Mercy!

Aron Ros is a gorgeous young bodybuilder from the Czech Republic earning some cash making videos for horny guys. He’s told he needs to put on the mesh jock strap and proceed with a normal workout, and in his mind he thinks he’s pulling the easiest scam in the world. Who wouldn’t want to get paid for something you normally do every day? He starts by stretching and skipping rope, and the camera gets some very good angles of his meaty cock and balls jumping around. Then he hits the weights but his fellow model Robin Valej interrupts him and starts criticizing Aron’s form. Aron, thinking this is part of the script, follows Robin’s instructions, and when the muscular young man is vulnerable, lean and slender Robing overpowers him, ropes his arms and stuffs a gag in his mouth. Robin starts whipping Aron with a flogger across his beautiful chest and thick thighs. After being humbled and weakened, Aron is untied and bent over, and Robin fixates on spanking his ass (big, firm and muscular!). Robin mixes in some forced calisthenics for Aron while flogging his back, and finally Aron is instructed to get his cock hard and jerk out a thick load as a sign of appreciation for all of Robin’s hard work. Click here to watch the full length gay spanking and kinky workout punishment video at Str8Hell.com!


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