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Big Bulky Bruiser Shamed By his Dad’s Spanking


Rico is the epitome of a big problem in society today: adult children living at home with their parents well into their thirties without ever having the inclination to leave. Maybe its poor economic prospects, large student debt, or unreasonable cost of living, but Rico has no compunction about sponging off his poor aging parents. He has even been begging off paying them rent! Finally his poor old dad has had enough and interrupts Rico’s evening bath. Dad discusses the situation with Rico and quickly Rico finds himself over his father’s lap! His father gives the man-child a humiliating spanking; definitely his ego is more bruised than his buttocks, but the evidence of the pain is there. Rico’s bulging bum muscles are rosy and sheened with perspiration after his father’s handiwork, and it gets even worse when Rico’s bottom gets worked over with Dad’s slipper! Click here to visit StraightLadsSpanked for oodles of incorrigible sons getting spanked OTK by their frustrated fathers!




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Party boy Jack gets a hard OTK spanking from his furious Dad

I want to give a shout out to the excellent work being done by the savvy English pervs at MancSpanc, a new studio putting out some tremendous corporal punishment videos out of the UK. Here’s a trailer for their newest video “Take it Out”. Featuring Jack, a hard partying student almost out the door to university, and his frustrated Dad Stuart. When Stuart finds out his son has gotten some extreme ear piercings, he bends Jack over his knee and gives him a hard bare hand spanking and demands he removes the unsightly piercings. Jack defies him, and Stuart goes apoplectic, yanking down his son’s trousers and smacking his bare buttocks with a hard strap. Humiliated Jack slinks away, wary not to defy his father again. Make sure you check out more amateur spanking trailers here!


party boy Jack gets a hard OTK spanking from his furious Dad

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