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British Boy feels burning pain of domestic discipline

Here’s a great video of classic domestic discipline, featuring a frustrated and disappointed dad finding his teenage lying around his pigpen of a room. Endless lecturing on responsibility and obligation to the family has fallen of deaf ears, so the Dad does what he has not done in many years, specifically he takes the boy over his knees and delivers a sound spanking. The boy twists and squirms, trying to get away, but his father’s resolve is hardened, and he first spanks the boy over his underwear, then he orders him to peel off his underwear and bend over his knee to get a second round of punishment. The father spanks his boy OTK on his bare ass until his buttocks are a glowing shade of crimson. The father leaves with a final verbal admonishment to the boy to perform his chores before stalking off. The shocked lad, still naked and shivering buries his face in the pillow in shame and anger. I would love to be a fly on the wall at the next family dinner. Click here to watch the complete father-son domestic discipline spanking video.

British Boy feels burning pain of domestic discipline

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More painful father-son spanking

Another painful test for Matthew…he attends an exclusive prep school where his father is the headmaster. The school is renowned for its discipline, and any misbehavior is punished with the cane. Matthew gets no special treatment because of his relationship with the headmaster. In fact, when he steps in it, he gets the caning at school, and then an agonizing spanking at home! Click here to watch the entire video detailing Matthew’s caning and barehanded OTK spanking courtesy of his hard-ass disciplinarian father!

headmasters son gets extra painful punishment

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Relentless Father-Son OTK spanking

Here’s a sneak peek from one of my favourite corporal punishment sites: Manc Spank. This trailer is from “The Humiliation of Anthony” and it features some incredibly hot and painful father-son spanking. The premise is very no-nonsense…Anthony has disappointed his father again, and even though he is 19 and attending college, he’s not too old to get a burning hot OTK spanking. His dad uses his bare hand to give his son a brutal spanking and then forces his son to stand in the corner with his pants down until further notice. The full video on the main site includes Anthony forced to dress up in super short shorts to receive a spanking and then later incurring the wrath of his father once more and getting a hairbrush spanking plus a whipping with the tawse! Painful, excruciating, exhilarating punishment! Click here to see the full father-son corporal punishment video.

OTK father son spanking

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Juicy twink gets a severe bare hand spanking

TJ Wood is back on the scene to set the world on fire with his award-worthy acting chops. In this scene he plays “Angry 1950s Dad” as indicated by his Mad-Men style fedora and general dissatisfaction with his layabout son Ace Lockheart. After a lot of his trademark bluster and blathering, TJ flips the flimsy twink lad over his knee and yanks down his pants with one meaty hand and starts spanking those round, firm buttocks. TJ really gives Ace a hard bare hand spanking, and Ace squirms and struggles to free himself, but the skinny twink is no match for the strength of the big bear-like TJ. Click here to see the full length bare-handed twink spanking video.

juicy twink gets a severe bare hand spanking punishment

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