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Coach provides discipline after poor training session

British Boys Fetish Club provides another great punishment scenario featuring their longtime disciplinarian giving the business to an unruly and unfocused athlete. The young man has real potential as a long distance runner but doesn’t apply himself to a serious training regimen, so he keeps faltering. After a few sessions with the new coach, the school administrators hope he’ll be back on track. Coach and athlete are training outside and the lad’s form is sloppy. The coach says he can’t neglect building upper body stamina so he has the boy drop to do some pushups. Again, the lad is lazy and his form is terrible, so the coach turns to the best corrective tool in his arsenal: the sits down and orders the lad over his lap. The coach smacks his bare ass repeatedly with increasing force and tempo while easily overpowering the lad’s attempts to escape. All the while he’s scolding the lad about giving up his childish ways. Painful discipline is often the best way to nurture a young man’s talent! Click here to watch the rest of this young man’s outdoor training and corrective discipline video!


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Smart-mouth twink gets a stinging spanking for lying to Jeff Stern

Most of the time, I really give Jeff Stern a hard time about looking like the Cryptkeeper or for just generally giving off a creepy vibe as the older guys spanking all of these hot twink teens and twenty-somethings. But I have to give him lots of credit for being dedicated to his craft, and this trailer, released a couple of weeks ago and co-starring Christian Collins, is a fine example of the really good work coming out of SpankThis.com. Never mind that the plot is solid and the acting feels genuine and funny. Christian Collins, has a great look — red hair, lithe body and a really firm, fleshy butt — and he really shows us a naughty, quick-witted side to his personality. He’s interacting and mixing it up with Jeff, reacting to the spanking with genuine pain and discomfort, but he’s not just flopped on the bed and waiting to get paid either. Jeff, as always, presents a credible disciplinarian that doesn’t need to be a physical brute. He’s practiced, confident and his experience shows in a great spanking scene for Christian. Plus, he keeps his pants on, which should win him an Oscar right there. Click here to watch the full length video of Christian Collins getting chastised, spanked and paddled at Spankthis.com

smart-mouth twink gets a stinging spanking for lying to Jeff Stern

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Petty Criminal Craves Authority and Discipline

Ricky is a hard case with a long history as a juvenile offender. His criminal record is as long as your arm and he’s prone to fits of aggression, jealousy and otherwith anti-social behaviour. What he needs is a strong male authority figure in his life, and part of him realizes that. Even though he stridently proclaims himself totally straight, he’s known to hang out in gay bars and trying to size up the older Daddies. He ran into the mystery man from Spanking-Boys.com and was like a fly caught in a spider’s web. With just the right combination of encouragement and chastisement, the Stranger got Ricky to come home with him. More flattery got Ricky into the shower and soaping up his impressive, wirey frame for the camera. And Ricky’s deep yearning for direction and discipline got him over the Stranger’s knee, taking a hard bare hand spanking that made his juicy bubble butt bounce and turnan alaming shade of red. Ricky is a real sweetheart you want in your bedroom; his defiance and aggression melts away under the guidance of an older man and he’s secretly yearning for hard, painful discipline. Click here to see Ricky’s full length Spanking and submission video.


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British Schoolboy Sternly Spanked with Ruler

Alexander Knight is a really bad seed at his private school and always causing headaches for his teachers and administrators. After being caught off campus during school hours, he’s sent to Dr. Barton’s office for punishment. Barton, the dean rarely sees individual students except in the case of bad discipline problems. After getting Alexander’s side of the story, Dr. Barton castigates him and orders him to bend over a chair for punishment with his trusty yardstick. Alexander smarts at the pain, but it’s over the pants and he manages to survive. But the delinquent can’t keep his mouth shut and he begins complaining about the spanking. Dr. Barton’s response is to order him to drop his trousers and underwear and get a taste of real schoolboy discipline. Barton uses the ruler to spank Alexander’s hairy buttocks until they are turning purple and Alexander is gasping every time the wooden ruler strikes his flesh. Lesson learned, for now. Watch the full schoolboy punishent video at Dreams of Spanking now!


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Dominant twink bare-hand Spanks Submissive Teen

Teenage miscreant Luke Allen is always taking liberties, like borrowing Blake Mitchell’s car without asking. This was Blake’s first big purchase since he started making it big on the twink porn scene, and Luke brings it home with a nasty dent in the grille. Luke makes a half-assed attempt to hide the dent, but Blake is all over him for taking the vehicle without asking. The dent sends Blake over the edge and he pushes Luke over the hood of the car and starts spanking his ass hard, promising Luke that his buttocks are going to be as red as his underwear! Luke is plaintive and wailing for mercy; Blake is having none of it and he continues the punishment long after Luke’s playfulness has given way to choked sobs and whiny yelps of pain. Click here to see the full video of Blake’s temper showing and Luke bearing the brunt of the bare-bum spanking!


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