Dashing Man gives Rentboy a Hard Belt Spanking

I pulled this short clip from British Boys Fetish Club featuring a dapper young man in an expensive suit getting a blowjob from a scruffy young lad. Something must be a little off, because the gentleman isn’t getting hard and he doesn’t look particularly impressed with the effort. Instead of wasting more time on the futile oral sex, he bends the lad over and whips his bare ass with a stout leather belt! He’s confident with the belt and he’s building up to harder and harder lashes. The lad tries to protect himself, but the older man easily stanches the resistance, pinning the rentboy’s wrist behind his back and continuing the thrashing. Click here to watch the full video plus hundreds more authentic spanking and gay corporal punishment videos at British Boys Fetish Club!


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Furious Dad Spanks Masturbating Boy!


This is Sandy’s first appearance on BritishBoysFetishClub, and it appears that although he has acute face and a tight, gorgeous body, he is somewhat touched in the head. He’s a guest at Craig’s house, and when the older man told Sandy to make himself at home, he had no idea that the lad would start watching porn on his phone in the kitchen, and then strip naked and start to masturbate furiously while sitting on a kitchen chair! Craig is shocked at the scene that includes Sandy’s wet puddle of cum on the floor and he pulls the little shit over his knee for a spanking. Is Sandy some kind of alien who doesn’t understand our social customs? Is he somewhere on the autism spectrum? Craig can’t say because he’s busy spanking Sandy’s pert and fleshy bum with his bare hand. His ass cheeks turn a bright red and Sandy shows discomfort and he’s crying out — maybe the lad is not an amoral masturbating robot after all. Craig even grabs he bread board out of anger and uses it like a makeshift paddle to turn Sandy’s ass into a bruised, crimson half moon. Click here to watch this audacious lad getting a hard spanking he deserves!


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Closeup: Hung Lad’s Bare Buttock Lashed!

This is one of those times when a picture is worth 1000 words…a closeup of a fit young lad, naked. His cock is enormous and semi-erect. It’s twitching, and the lad is excited to be getting punished by a gruff older man. He loves letting the older guy look at him and lash him with a belt. The spanking doesn’t hurt him much, he’s having too much fun letting his punisher leer at his naked body and bobbing his cock up and down. The lashings get harder, but so does the lad’s cock. Nothing going to get him down. He’s young, hung and horny and he knows his youth is going to be what puts him on top. Click here to watch the full video (and multiple angles) of this thick-dicked teen lad getting spanked by a furious older guy at British Boys Fetish Club!




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Fucking Boys Get Spanked by their Furious Dads!


Gerry and Gary are a couple of closeted young men who have been sneaking around for a few months, surreptitiously sucking and fucking and generally getting sexual any time they are alone. Both live with traditional families, and both have dads that are angry and intolerant. Lately, the lads have been getting bolder and more reckless, and on this bright sunny afternoon, Gerry and Gary were overcome and started fucking right in Gerry’s parents’ parlour! They are so caught up in their lustful rutting they they don’t hear Gerry’s Dad come home. He walks in and he sees his son plugging the arse of another boy from the neighbourhood and he’s apoplectic! He grabs his wooden disciplinary paddle and starts laying into Gerry’s buttocks with fierce angry strokes. Gary scrambles away and manages to dash out the door, but Gerry is getting the punishment of his life; Dad hits him so hard with the paddle that it breaks! No matter, his Dad is still angry enough to beat Gerry’s ass with his bare hand until its swollen and numb. Once Gerry has been completely reduced to a puddle of guilty apologies, his dad gets on the phone with Gary’s dad Tony. Tony is shocked to hear what transpired and hauls Gary out of his bedroom and pulls the lad over his knee for a hard spanking. Gary whines and struggles but he can’t escape his dad and the unrelenting blows across his bouncy bum. These lads will definitely have to come up with better plans if they want to keep fucking each other! Click here to see these furious fathers spanking their freshly outed sons at!


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Flippant Teen Boy Spanked Like a Whiny Brat

Teens shouldn’t be so quick to give their dad a lot of backtalk; technically they might be adults at 18, but they are no match for an angry father who can still overpower them and dish out some humiliating punishment. This lad and his father are arguing about curfew and the frustrated teen tells his dad to fuck off and then the shit really hits the fan. The older gent easily pulls the rail thin lad across his knee and wrestles his pants down to expose his firm young buttocks. Smallish, but definitely satisfying to smack around. Dad then peppers the young lad’s bum with hard bare-hand spanks, effortlessly keeping him subdued with one hand and not giving him an iota of mercy! Click here to see this angry dad give his bratty son a humiliating spanking to teach him a lesson about respect!


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