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Karl feels the Excruciating Pain of a Real Spanking


This is a great update that popped up Straight Lads Spanked a couple of weeks ago that I had to put on the back burner because of the site redesign. It features one of their supple twink models Karl, the delinquent son who is also a bit of a miscreant in real life. It seems the model got a loan from the site owner Mr. X and promptly disappeared for a few weeks. What cheek! When he finally re-emerged, he was sheepish and still broke. What did Mr. X do? He gave Karl a choice: either he could forget the debt and walk away forever, severing all ties, or he could stay and take a real punishment…real spanking, real pain, no breaks until Mr. X was satisfied. Karl opted for the latter and submitted to an epic 34 minute spanking that starts with hard bare hand spanking and progresses to unbelievable bath brush spanking. Karl’s peachy ass is pulsing and inflamed, but to his credit, he takes it, and takes it, and takes it until the end. What a reconciliation! The screencaps don’t really do it justice…click over to to watch the full mm corporal punishment video that Karl will never forget!


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Sporty lad gets a harsh OTK spanking

I know lots of my readers love the young men from Britain in spanking videos with older, sterner disciplinarians, and I hope you will be as pleased as I am with this video featuring sporty lad Marco, a fit brute of about 23 years and a demon on the pitch. He has run afoul of his club coach however and he has been sent to the team president, and older gentleman with a real hunger for punishing young men. He bids Marco to lay across his lap like a small child and the the old man delivers a terse bare hand spanking. At first, Marco is unfazed, as they all are, but the older man slides off his shorts and spanks his bare flesh, and soon the slaps are smarting and Marco is wincing with pain. The wincing gives way to moans and groans, and Marco is trying to use his hand to cover his ass for protection. The older disciplinarian is relentless and soon moves to more serious intimidation tactics. Marco is asked to lay face down on a bench with his ass in the air and prepares for the worst. His punisher starts whacking his bruised and cherry red flesh with a paddle, eliciting more hysterical wailing from Marco. Click here to keep watching the classically themed British schoolboy spanking video.

sporty lad gets a harsh OTK spanking

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Father-Son headmaster caning

College freshman Turner used to be the big man in his high school, but now he’s just a little fish in a big pond. He’s been trying to get back on familiar footing, and he’s been acting like a bully to one particular dude on the soccer team, and soon he finds himself in the headmaster’s office. The headmaster is incredibly strict, and he believes in corporal punishment as the only remedy for troubled boys. He pulls the towering troublemaker over his knee and spanks him like a misbehaving toddler. He even forces him to remove his shorts so he can receive his spanking on his bare buttocks. The Headmaster gives his a severe OTK bare hand spanking before sending him on his way. Later the headmaster catches him smoking in the dorm, an infraction worthy of a bare ass caning. The headmaster orders Turner to strip naked from the waist down and bend over a chair, and he gives the bully a burning caning, making Turner scream and grit his teeth after every lash. Click here to see the whole father/son male spanking video here.

English College boy gets a caning from the headmaster

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Fit Swimmer gets OTK Spanking

CP4Men is one of my favourite Male spanking sites — its totally laser focused on the traditional British Spanking method. Featuring strapping young lads, mostly athletic types, clean cut but with attitude, being spanked by older father-figures who know how to administer stern discipline. They employ a variety of humiliating techniques, primarily bare-handed OTK spanking, but they also employ the cane and the wooden paddle with highly effective results. These lads get their firm, muscular buttocks spanked to a bright shade of red or even crimson. In this clip, Erik, a swimmer, gets disciplined by his team coach for attitude problems. Bent over the older man’s knee, Erik receives a relentless bare hand spanking while he grits his teeth and fights to persevere through the pain. Erik’s punishment finally concludes with a paddling across his sore, swollen buttocks. This is classic CP4Men, and I couldn’t recommend a subscription to the site more highly! Click here to watch all of the classic British spanking and discipline videos at CP4Men!


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Helpless Brit struggles to Escape Hard OTK Spanking

I love these videos where the precious lad fights so hard to get away from his spanking, but is helpless as a tiny puppy and is forced to endure the pain, punishment and humiliation of getting spanked over the knee. This clip from British Boys Fetish Club shows a young, dark haired lad of about twenty bent over his dad’s knee, presumably getting punished for carousing and generally breaking his mother’s heart for the umpteenth time — typical British schoolboy behaviour. He tries to block his Dad’s hand, but the older man easily overpowers him and keeps slapping his bare buttocks until they’re red and practically radiating heat. A thousand times Ouch! Click here to see the full length video of this whiny brat getting the full force of his father’s fury!


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